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Monday, December 10, 2007



Can't wait for mine to arrive! Love the stitch markers too. Learned something new with your bee links- thank you. Off to listen to the song again :-)


It's a great kit. Congratulations on a beautiful collaboration!


I used to work at a Science Lab where the bees had a see through tube that went all over the building. They were amazing to watch and the happy humming in the tube was so comforting.

Your yarn is so lovely...and all those bee stitch markers are just adorable. :)

Donna in ma

They are sssoooo Beee utiful!! Check out Dec 3 on Bird Chick's Blog for "Indoor Bees"


great photos - and what a lovely little gift :-) lucky folks who get this yarn/pattern kit. They are fabulous socks (aren't all of Annes patterns?) and your dyeing is amazing Kim. I hope that this has been an other fun project for you :-)
I can't wait to read more about your bees... I look forward to someday buying honey from you along with the yarn!


Truly a perfect match between pattern and fiber. And the stitch markers just top it all off!


Love the Bee dance ! And your pictures are so warm and comforting, a nice change in the wet and dark days we had over here.
And I WILL try to knit socks soon !


What a great photo and post, Kim. Not that they aren't all great, but... Congrats on the new kit and great job on the pattern, Anne!


I love your posts! Thanks for the information about the dance. It's fascinating. All of nature is fascinating, if we stop to learn, observe, and listen. I can't wait for my kit, and marker! Bees are just amazing, and I love that Anne started this whole thing. Do you like poetry? You must read some of Mary Oliver. She writes about nature in an amazing way. Try her work.

Wool Winder

So pretty! You must be excited for spring to get here!


Things have been busy in the hive! All that buzzing around and what results...not honey but beautiful socks, lovely yarn and figurative bees for good measure!! :-)


I'm not sure how I missed out on the Bee Sock but I plan on getting one from Anne!


I predict this kit will be a huge success for you!


The yarn is beautiful. I knew that bees danced, but I didn't know how. That was fascinating to learn.

pat jarvis

HELLO KIM- can't wait for the bees to be buzzing my way - if I am lucky they might arrive before christmas[ 2-3 weeks to canada] - the colour looks scrum,the pattern anne's usual artistic excellance

happy knitting pat j


Breathtaking photos. They really left me with a feeling of peace and serenity. Makes me want some bee socks and stitch markers just because of the picture. Thanks for the great links.


Such lovely photos! I'm looking forward to hearing your tales of your hives in the Spring.
Anne's pattern is a beauty! Those kits will be spectacular.


Love these pictures! So golden and warm.

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