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Monday, November 19, 2007



What wonderful news. I wish I were near enough to come take a few classes. (By the way ... I have been trying to decide what colors to paint my frame Victorian and I love the colors of your barn ... especially with the red door).

Mary Ellen

Good luck on your studio. Your husband sounds like a gem.

julia fc

That's wonderful news, all around. Those fiber friendly husbands, worth their weight, huh?


Oh my gosh, a room with a loom! You lucky gal, you!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


So much to be thankful for! Beautiful yarn, a place to make more beautiful yarn and a man to support your beautiful yarn obsession...you've been truly blessed! :)

Debbie in Kirkland, WA

I am new to your website and blog. I totally love that bee sock kit! I will be checking back to see when it is available. Awesome news about your fiber barn!

Donna B

You have the golden touch with yarn...too pretty, especially when set off with those stitchmarkers. Maybe the golden touch with husbands, too? :-)

Donna in Ma aka Donnalee

Wow! Pretty exciting! Put me down for a bee sock kit...how can I not since I too got stung by those cute bees too!


Keep him?!? How about CLONE him? hee hee.

I have been obsessed with bees for quite some time, too. I even have a bee tattoo! If I can dig out a picture, I'll post it on my blog.


That is exciting news! Very pretty swatch - I love that color.


awww, ken comes through; way to go ken! (and he's adorable!)

Mary E.Dadds

You ve got a great Husband.
your barn is nice too.
I saw pics. of Judys Barn and addition,from
smatterings.You are both Blessed.
Mary Ellen


a fiber studio??? How fabulous! You totally deserve such a supportive husband :-)
I look forward to seeing the creation of the bee fields.


Very exciting news about the barn - what a haven that will be. You are a lucky woman!


Dude, you've got a lot going on there.

Speaking of dogs, I don't know if you've already seen this, but I have to pass it on...



Lucky you on all fronts! So happy for you! Those stitch markers are the same shape as a bee body in the picture next to it! Lovely.

Wool Winder

Well, we know you already have the barn full of fiber, so you might as well go ahead and build a studio/shop around it. Sounds like a great plan!


First! Can I borrow your husband? Just kidding - lucky you! Hope the barn turns out wonderful, maybe he's been secretly planning and plotting w/o telling you everything...When it's done, pls. remember to blog as I'm sure you'll be "living" there alot :) Love your collaborations, this one esp. looks so tempting to make us knitters drop what we're doing! Happy t-Day!


You have a wonderful life! Wow! I love the colorway! It's my favorite too. I can't wait for the sock Anne is making! The markers are beautiful, and the little bee card!! How perfect is that?! The shawl will be gorgeous. I can't wait. You have a perfect husband, as well, you lucky girl.


You do have big news!


Sounds like a great deal is happening in your fiber corner of the world...how exciting. A work space all of your own, can't wait to see it. I cannot wait to see the socks, think I will need to make a pair of them, and the shawl in process is interesting. A husband who "tolerates" and encourages your obsessions is a definite keeper!!


What a sweetie. :) sure, give me one more reason to come to Conway in the spring... ;)


A good man is worth his weight in gold...yarn. Love the barn and it will make a very nice studio/store!


Don't forget to take before and after photos of the barn - it will be even more special that way.


He IS a keeper. He is indulgent and calm, and don't you just LOVE the husband-units who aid us in our fibery pursuits? The fiber barn sounds wonderful.


Already saw the Bee socks on Anne's blog, they are becoming very pretty ! And now another shawl pattern with you yarn too :-)
Count yourself lucky with the husband, he's a keeper for sure !

Cheryl S.

How marvelous! The hubby, the studio, the yarn, the swatches, everything!


I've never seen a picture of Ken -- he's cute!! You have such GREAT stuff going on -- look forward to watching it evolve.


One always knows a good keeper!


Wow, so much good stuff in one post! You've got a great husband, too :)

Teresa C

And he's cute, too! This post almost made me cry-the hubby, the gorgeous yarn and the lace it will become. I can't wait.


Wow the sock and Morrocco look beautiful already and this is only the sneak peak! I am all over these! you and Anne are killing me! I just got the pattern for the faroese shawl today. I can see I am going to be very busy this winter:)

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