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Friday, November 16, 2007



I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Liz Cadorette

I have to say that I'm with Margene on this - (I found you via her blog) - my own blog has stagnated so terribly that I think I've lost all my readers, and that's largely because while I have many WIPs, I haven't finished much because Life (as it is wont to do) gets heavily in the way. But I think I have a new policy to post whatever is in process. I think the same theory applies to talking about something OTHER than knitting -- I love to know what's happening in the lives of the people whose blogs I read, and I think it can only strengthen the community when folks do that. So I'll have to try to do that now that I'm sort of "back". Thanks for the inspiration and thought provocation!


I like math word problems.


I don't know if it's really trending that way (toward not posting wips) in its own right, or if the blogging crowd is just really busy right now and trying to make the blogging work. I know for me I would LOVE to show you all my wips and how they're coming, but I keep forgetting to take pictures with all the crazy hectic stuff going on and then I don't get pics until it's done when I FORCE myself to take the pictures.


I haven't noticed a change in the wind... I love WIP posts - especially when I hear about problems, and how they are resolved!


Oh my . . . if I only blogged about FOs it would be months between the posts (possibly years!). I love seeing others' WIPs since I get a sense if I can tackle them.


Who came up with that nonsense? Not politically correct to show progress shots? Isn't that half of why we blog and read blogs?

Okay, IF it's a progress shot of a design that you'll be selling to a magazine, book, or yarn manufacturer, then I agree -- progress shots are a no no. But we all knew that, and so make these obscure, showing only 2 square inch shots meant to tantalize and tempt.

But otherwise... blogland would be a poorer place without the progress shots. So many learn from these shots! We're a resource, we bloggers with our progress shots!


kicking over soap box now. And pausing to admire the shawl.


Funny you mentioned winds of change because one of my recent commenters said she LOVED it when bloggers post progress shots. lol. As for me, I'll continue posting progress shots...otherwise, I'd only post a picture once every 6 months. :-)


"it may not be considered politically correct to show knitting in progress on blogs" What the ???! None of any one else's biz what I write or show on my blog! If "they" don't like it, they don't have to look. Right?!

E to the M

I still blog my in progress items (if I remember to take a damn picture) :)


Hmm. Who are these blog police who are trying to dictate what any individual blogger should or shouldn't put on her/his very own blog? I have not encountered any fervent rants on the practice of discussing and/or photographing WIPs, so I'm not sure what you are referring to when you mention "winds of change." As far as I'm concerned, do whatever you want with your blog. I'll read it or not read it as I please. Anyone who complains about the content on your blog or mine...they are free to unsubscribe. There! I feel better now. :) (Btw, I found you through the link on Etherknitter's blog.)


Hi! I'm here via Knitting the Blues (and so excited to discover some wonderful NH knitting blogs and artists! I've been away from NH for several years now, but I do miss it terribly, especially this time of year!)

I enjoy seeing progress pictures on the knitting blogs - and I truly hope that doesn't go by the wayside! It certainly doesn't detract from my experience as a reader - aside from the inspiration of seeing lovely FOs, I love to read about your process - what you are learning, what I can learn too, what worked for you in this particular instance, how you are handling the challenge of fit with this particular project. No doubt, there are lots of blogs that I visit for their visual appeal and incredible FOs, I admire and am even a little envious of the skill (and the speed for some of them!) - but I'm a new(er) knitter and have a ton to learn. I'm finding that blogging about the process is just an extension of this great creative outlet for me. I was happy to discover a Flickr group centered on WIPs and I've taken lately to posting some current test swatches on my blog when I have them to share (I learn something new with almost every one!). Thanks for bringing this up. I enjoyed this post and your blog very much I'll definitely be back to see more progress (and your lovely fiber & yarns!) :)


I absolutely love the cherry shawl yarn and pattern --what a beauty! I am having a hard time finding the kit at briar rose though... please do share the info and the wip pics... I love seeing the in between steps:)


On your side bar, under "What I am Knitting", you show a Shetland Shawl. Just that little bit looks so pretty. Would you please tell me what pattern you are using?


The Briar Rose is simply delicious! Can't wait to see "in progess" - haha! I have also sensed this change of blogging, and myself waited to finish socks to post - odd? I think I will bore people if I keep showing the same WIP - but gosh, I am with you - love to see the process.


That Black Cherry colorway is a must have! I saw that shawl too- the one in the middle but in a different color?

As for KIP? How the hell are we supposed to learn life's lessons in knitting without those photos and sharing the failures along with the successes? And it sure helps me to be inspired and to aspire to everyone out there sharing their KIPs. It's all about the PROCESS. I am SO glad you're NOT going to follow whose ever lead it is out there on that thought! Thank you for your contribution to my knitting learning process and all the fun!


This is the first I've heard of this 'new trend'. I still see lots of WIP pics on blogs. I post them on my own blog too.

There are a few knit along blogs requiring only finished pics be posted but that's because blogger can't seem to handle the load.

That shade of violet is one of my most favorite colors.

Mary E.Dadds

Dear Kim,
This is totally off topic.
But in Dec.2005,you wrote about a little pair of red mittens.I loved them.
Ive thought of them for years.And i ve often wanted to knit a pair similar for myself.
please tell me,did you use a pattern?
Are the thumbs made with gussets?
Ive never knit mittens before at all.

julia fc

oooh, count me as an admirer too.

And what? Not show KIP? Isn't that the whole freakin' point?

Maybe people are just shy? and silly?


I adore knits in progress!! Show, show! I understand what you mean about the design part of knitting. It's not for me! I have no left brain, whatsoever. Thank goodness for the great designers we do have, not to mention the great fiber artists like you, who provide the designers with the yarn, who make the designs, who knit the swatch. . .and this is the house that Jack built!!!!


Wow, you have a lot of Cheryls reading your blog! Interesting.

I'll try to do better with the progress photos. I've been slacking on them lately.

Cheryl S.

That's a lovely shawl! I like progress pictures too, but I haven't been posting too many when it's the same thing, and all photos would look alike. Who wants to see that I've added six more inches to the Seaweed wrap?

Teresa C

Ha! The only reason I have shown mostly finished objects lately is because I have them to post. My infrequent posting and camnesia have left me with only fos to photograph (they don't really change, ya know-I can take a pic anytime). My two most recent were knit ages ago. Well, months anyway.

You have a lot of gorgeous knitting ahead of you!

Wool Winder

How exciting to have someone design for your yarn! Progress pictures to come, except for those quick knits that I always tend to gravitate to.


Agree with you, one of the things I really enjoy is reading about what others are doing knitwise. Find it inspiring and motivates me to explore a world beyond my current project. This pattern looks lovely and I for one cannot wait to see it in progress!! Do think you are on a shawl journey however...I am also enjoying seeing what is new in the store, love the addition of the patterns and the idea of the kits. Have a great weekend!!!


Susan has become a 'friend' of mine, too. She's so talented in many ways. The shawl is gorgeous! I've noted the 'only post when you have an FO' wind, too. It maybe fine for some who don't want to blog frequently, but I like the community of people who talk (obsessively?) about their knitting.


What a gorgeous design! Definitely count yourself fortunate - I know some of those designers myself and they ARE great!!


You keep dyeing your gorgeous yarns and they can keep designing. Sounds like a win-win situation for the rest of US.


yes please - progress photos... it keeps those of us who are hoping to accomplish something inspired :-)


Yes, I like watching the progress of a knitter, too. If I didn't report on that, I'd have very little knitting to post! :)


sporaDic... Iknew that didn't look right!


I like to see "in progress" shots too. Even though I can be a sporatic blogger, there wouldn't be much to show if I followed that trend.


oh dear, if i didn't show work in progress i dunno what i'd blog about! there's only so much fun i can poke at my housekeeping . . .

Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

That *is* beautiful!

I haven't been posting my in progress pictures lately because it's mostly lace. But I will see if the light is any good tomorrow and take a few.


I like seeing the in progress shots. I just seem to wait to post since I can't post everyday so I usually have a FO to show when I can post.


What?! Since when are you not allowed to show your knits in progress? Whatever. If I did that, it would be a long long LONG time before I ever blog again. ;-)

I fell in love with that pattern and the yarn. Absolutely in love. Can't wait to see how it knits up for you. PLEASE SHOW PROGRESS PICTURES!


And for me it is a pleasure and and honor to get to know talented fiber artists like yourself!

That shawl looks like it is going to be a beauty!


Kim, that colour is about my most favourite colour in the whole world :)

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