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Thursday, October 11, 2007



Thanks for the bread recipe!! I made it this weekend with beef stew. It's a keeper!

fluffy geek

I've always wanted one of those apple corers/peelers, but it would only encourage me to make apple crumble every night. They're just so... elegant.


Looks delicious! Love that apple corer/peeler thing!

Wool Winder

Maybe I would bake more bread if I had a bread maker. Looks good!


I have the old Pampered Chef version of that apple peeler. Haven't used it in a few years though. I'm not surprised that the thought of homemade bread made it through my head just this morning. lol. Looks so delish and I swear I can almost smell it. Nummy.


I LOVE that little felted bee! Thanks for sharing your special things.


I would never make it through fall without my apple/peeler/corer/slicer. Now I want to go home and bake! Your bee is so adorable! :)


In the conventional method it mentions cornmeal, but no cornmeal is listed in the ingredient list. This bread sounds delicious either way.


Oooo - that all looks SO good! We did a similar take last weekend as a cure for the snowy/rainy/sloppy mix we got. Chicken curry and homemade wheat bread with wheatberries. I have to try your Anadama bread now too!


Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious, and I've been meaning to dust off the ol' breadmaker.

Cheryl S.

Apple crisp! I love apple crisp! Must make...


I'm reading this before coffee or breakfast. The mug is great and it would be better full of steaming black liquid;-) The bread makes my mouth water and all I can think of is apple crisp for breakfast....gotta go! ;-)

kelly jo

I need an apple peeler! I just always wondered whether they actually worked, but it sounds like they do. Thanks for the bread recipe, looks delicious - I'll find out this weekend when I try it!!


Yum! Thanks for the bread recipe!
I may just have to go out and buy one of the apple peelers. I've wanted one for years, and now that its finally cool, I would love a bit of hot apple sauce.
The bee and the jug are both fabulous!


Apple crisp sounds wonderful. If I cooked, I'd make some this weekend. ;)

Alarming Female

I haven't baked bread in ages. . .but I might just start again.


I loved my apple peeler so much that I bought a big cast iron one that mounts onto the table. It was really handy when I used to can 60 pints of applesauce each summer. :)


I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to buy one of those apple thingies. Wasn't sure how much use I'd get out of it. Hmmmm.... I may have to reconsider. Lately I've doing the continous apple peel by hand.


I have an apple/peeler thingy too but I never use it. I should dig it out, though.
That bread sounds delicious.
And I never mind when someone borrows my phrases. :-)

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