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Monday, October 22, 2007



wow, nice spindles . . one of these days i will learn to use one; i'm just not sure it suits my nature.

oh (heart catching in throat) that wheeeel.
no wonder you disappeared from the festivities!


It is a thing of beauty, indeed.


That wheel is gorgeous!!! Shootfire, there goes that green with envy thing again! Happy spinning!!

julia fc

Is that seriously how much you're going to show us?
I mean, c'mon.
Cheryl waxed. And waxed again.


Congrats on that fantastic long-awaited wheel! It was great to meet you (I was a member of the Knitspot entourage) and hopefully we'll see you again next year!


OMG the wheel.......speechlessly happy for you. Spinning on it made me realize that I must get one sometime in the future even if it's a used one. A Norwegian wheel is definitely the one for me. And the raised treadles? What a difference they make! So glad to laugh and spend time with you and thank you for offering so freely to let us spin on her.

Donna in Ma aka Donnalee

I didn't see you or Judy.. :-( But the day was awesome...I bought lots of goodies also, was my first time there...


I didn't see you at Rhinebeck. I had a booth with a bunch of Mischief grandkids - beautiful rufous torts!


oh my - it's gorgeous.
more photos.
more photos.

Beth S.

Omigawd. Look at the details on that wheel... the carvings (embossings? intaglios? not sure what to call them, but they are lovely) and the vertical kate to match... *swoon*!

I love my Spindlewood square-head. I was hoping to find a larger one (I have one of the "minis") at Rhinebeck, but I lucked into a Hatchtown and stopped looking at spindles after that. ;-)


A little something? That's like saying that the pope is "a little bit Catholic". I admired it from up close, and I hear that it spins like a dream. Lucky you!!


Hey now! Don't hold out on those of us that couldn't attend - more wheel details!!


Breathless here. Simply breathless! Blue skies!


I'm sorry I didn't get to see you this weekend. I heard about that very special wheel. Congratulations! Use it in good health.


What a glorious wheel! Glad you had a great time! :)


I'm still drooling over that wheel!! Thanks for being so generous about letting some folks spin on it! It was worth all the cashmere in the world!


My chef friends get together every year at a conference and I think that's the highlight of my year. There is nothing more wonderful than being with my friends and spending money on new "stuff". I know you had a great time. I really wish I could have gone.


WOW...can't wait to see pictures of the wheel in all its glory!! Sounds like a good time was had by all...


Lovely pictures from Rhinebeck! Looks like it was a fun time!

Lee Ann

I was very sad not to have spent time with you...glad to see you treated yourself well :-)


I wish you could have seen Dan's eyes when he saw the price tag! LOL Even he admitted she's a beauty though and then asked me if I wanted to talk to them... lol. I should have gone for it just to see how far he'd let it go. I'd heard you saying they weren't taking any more names anyway....


Generous, warm, wonderful Kim to let us spin on her new wheel. It is quite something.

Wasn't it a lovely weekend?


Darn, I missed the square spindles . . . Those little hints of wheels sure look tempting!


Oh those Spindlewood spindles spin like a dream! That looks like a beautiful new wheel.

Cheryl S.

The wheel is really beautiful! The wood is fantastic. I know you'll spin lots of wonderful yarn on it.


Looks to me like someone splurged!!! More photos please. :)


So good to see you this weekend!

Wool Winder

The wheel is gorgeous! Tell us more.


So much is memorable about the Rhinebeck weekend, but trying out that lovely lovely wheel is one of the best memories. How trusting you are to let us try it!


Remember when I got to spin on that? That was fun.


Wonderful to see you this weekend. So overdue!! That wheel is simply magical.

I picked up some creamed honey yesterday -- yum.


A little something special? There's the understatement of the century!


That large wooden thing is lovely. What is it????


Oh Kim! That wheel looks so beautiful and from what Susan says it spins like buttah! ;-)


Is that... is that... THE wheel?!?!

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