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Friday, October 26, 2007



Ohmygosh, you have her already! She's absolutely beautiful, Kim!


What gorgeous mitts - I really love that pattern with that yarn!


Do you have an address for contact to inquire about purchasing a Norm Hall wheel?
If so please email the info to me.

Beth S.

I'm grateful to have a good look at her! I am surprised at how compact the wheel seems to be for its size. Even though the drive wheel is nice and big, it doesn't appear to take up the whole room.

The mitts are lovely too! It's about time I made a pair of those... such a pretty design, and just gorgeous in that colorway. :-)

Alarming Female

yes, I know what you mean about keeping some things close. . .but I'm glad you shared. Stunningly beautiful wheel.


Oh my. Oh oh oh. She is so very lovely. I saw her in Norm's booth but did not get to meet her in person. Perhaps someday? :D


Yay!!! Enjoy your new baby :)


The wheel is beautiful! So are the mitts! I'm tagging you for 8 Random Things and so hope you don't mind!


Your yarn and Anne's pattern suit each to a tea, as you and your new wheel! Terrific!


Moriah Anne is glorious. Many happy years ahead are in store for the two of you! May all your spinning be sweet.

julia fc

Just lovely. You deserve it.


It's just gorgeous! That's another wheel I'm afraid to even touch . . . I cannot afford that kind of temptation!


Kim, when I see someone with a beautiful new wheel, I think of it as a new (and very welcome) child/grandchild, and am so very thrilled for the new 'mother'. :-) Congratulations, and I wish you many happy years of spinning together!

Oh, and this is OT, but - I love your kitchen floor!! :-)


She is stunning both visually and functionally. You are one lucky grrl. You both will be very very happy.


Wow - gorgeous! Glad you shared! Wish you were here to cheer on your team as I cheer on mine. We could sit in the stands, dressed in our woolies (socks, sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves) and spindle (in the cold)


Thank you for sharing the wheel, it is a beauty, and the yarn on the bobbin is good looking too. I am itching to spin, maybe one of these days. Just don't know where to start scratching on that itch! Love the mitts, turned out so well.

Get some rest, enjoy the wheel and have a wonderful weekend...Gina


If I had any regret about not being with you all at Rhinebeck it is because I didn't have a chance to spin on Moriah Anne. She is a beauty and my you and she have many years of happy spinning.

Wool Winder

The mitts are very pretty. Glad you finished the hat too. Now sit down, relax, and enjoy spinning on your new wheel. Thanks for sharing the details.


My heart just skips a beat every time I see that wheel! We're so happy for you. ;)


oh MY! she is WAY beautiful . . seriously, my heart is pounding.
the mitts are absolutely gorgeous kim .. i LOVE that color; i must get me some of that one, too.


Sounds like some relaxing time with Moriah Anne is well-deserved. :)


Mazel Tov! I hope you have many many years spinning together!

Lola LB

Congratulations on getting a Mariah! I picked mine up at MDSWF earlier this year and I'm still in love with it. Let's trade tips and observations about her . . .


Moriah Anne is a beautiful name for a beautiful wheel. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. And I feel blessed to have you for a friend, too.


Stunning, really! Thanks for sharing the details, you lucky girl!


Beautiful wheel but did it really take him seven years to make the wheel? Geesh, I couldn't wait that long! lol


She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Glad you have named her to, she is a friend not just a wheel. Love the mitts and hat too, but it is the spinning on Moriah that caught my eye the most. Gorgeous colours, please show us the finished yarn when it is done.


We have a Norm Hall in our town too...

he's our girls gymnastics coach....

not as good looking as your wheel tho...but close ;)



Kim, she is so beautiful!!!! I am in love! And, the fiber spun on her is not bad either!! Great job - both of you!


Beautiful knits and gorgeous wheel! Enjoy!


She is beautiful! I hope you get the R & R you need and deserve. It was cool enough here in NJ today for those mitts. Perhaps I should think about making a pair.

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