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Thursday, September 27, 2007



wow, great post all around!


what fabulous photos. that loom warping takes me breath away - wow. Maybe someday I'll do it often enough to remember how! (I always have to check the book each time.)

Ellen in Conn

Hi, just dropping by via Margene and Lene. I wanted to say that if, after your warp is through the reed (assuming back-to-front warping), you tie your warp with a simple overhand knot into little bundles of about one-and-a-half inches, you can then run a strong cord through a bundle, then around the warp rod, then through the next bundle, and on and on. Then you pull the cord like tightening shoes, until the tension is even all across the warp. This is easier for me than all those square knots, more even tension, and most important, less yarn waste. Also, at the end, the cleanup is a lot easier. Best wishes from southern New England!


Beautiful view - I'm jealous!! I use to work for a company that wove wire into cloth, so I have a very deep appreciation for the keepers of the loom - good luck!

kelly jo

Wow!! The views from her place are incredible! To have a first place that is so spectacular is so great! What a beautiful place for her to remember as her first! I'm loving that reddish / orange yarn!! Gorgeous!


What a lucky girl she is!!!

Mary E.Dadds

Hello Kim,
Beautiful colored yarn.Please let me know when you have more scarlett Begonia
colored yarn.


Beautiful yarn! Such a cool place to live for your daughter's 1st home away from home!


Weaving is so intriguing, but it feels like algebra to me -- which consequently I feel that I will never figure it out. However! It makes me appreciate your craft that much more. Your dyed yarns are simply gorgeous! I want to try my hand at dyeing some yarn this fall. If I run into questions, you will offer some of your expert wisdom, yes? (she says, begging). Your daughter's place is so lovely. Good for her!


Such a georgous apartment view! Your colors are all so bright and lovely! The loom scares me...have a wonderful weekend! :)


It is nice to think that your daughter is living in such a beautiful place.
The pictures of the loom and the wires are scary. Hope all goes well at the Fair. Your lovely harvest of dyed fiber will do very well.


Someday - when I visit you to meet a moose - I'd love to have you show me how you work your looms. Love all your yarns, I know you'll do well at the fair!

Wool Winder

I don't know if there is a weaver in me. This part always looks so complicated.


Wonderful view. I bet she'll have life-long memories of that first apartment.


What an amazing place to live! May it bring her much joy and fill her life with good memories.
The yarn you've dyed looks amazing...the colors are so rich. Good luck with all you need to do for the fair.


One hopes for all the success of joy in a daughter's life.

Beautiful colors. We just got your rain last night - thanks! Send more, please.


Your daughter's new place looks wonderful! And so does your yarn! :)


Oh, wow! What a cool first apartment.


WOW! Are those pictures of your daughter's house from Maine, or elsewhere? They're gorgeous! I really miss the fall this time of year (Louisiana). Your yarn is gorgeous too, it certainly looks like you had some fun!

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