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Wednesday, September 19, 2007



Such beauty in these places! It was fun seeing it through your eyes, as well as Margene's!

Beth S.

I don't think I've ever actually seen a magpie in person. They're beautiful birds! And is that a trout I see in the water?...

I'm so glad you had such a delightful time, and no, you don't have to spill everything. It's good to keep some things private. :-)

Alarming Female

It was so nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your soap! I'm looking forward to that beautiful yarn, too--


What beautiful photos, and I'm glad you had such a nice time!


Beautiful photos!


It was a pleasure to meet you. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. The pictures are lovely, I wish Kim and I did not have to go back to Idaho so early. I hope to see pictures of your new wheel soon!


How wonderful it was to see you! Come back soon - we'll reserve a few more mountain vistas for ya. :)

kathy b

Thanks for taking me along! Just lovely. Everyone's blog images are so colorful and warm this time of year. Thanks again


Super walk! The fields of gold remind me of your sock and laceweight yarn in Tupelo Honey. Love the pics of the grrls in their shawls.


So beautiful but even your wonderful pictures don't truly capture the massiveness of it. I'll be up to see that moose - put in my reservation, please!

Cheryl S.

Your pictures are awesome, and it was great meeting you. And I don't think Silver Fork Lodge would DARE not to let you in, considering what a great customer Margene is. (But we were kinda loud...)


Wow! How beautiful! I'm glad you had such a good time!


Good for you for having such a great time! You deserve it.


Nice, nice pictures. It really makes me want to move away from the beach. I am not a beach person. I love the woods, leaves, trees and just being away from crowds. The older I get, the more I long for some peace and quiet!


I miss you SO MUCH! I feel like you do. I want to keep the memories to myself. It couldn't have been more fun or more perfect.

Wool Winder

I know exactly where you took that picture of the duck. I got some pictures of him and the others on the day we went up.


Looks so wonderful. Glad you're home safe and sound, and I love that last shot with everyone with shawls on!


We miss you already!
You got some wonderful photos on Monday and it was perfect weatherwise.


It was sure nice to meet you, Kim! Glad to hear that you and Terry made it home safely. I'm looking forward to contributing to your wheel fund!

P.S. What kind of spindle was that gorgeous one with the hearts in the whorl? That thing spun like buttah, baby.

Big hugs.


Glad you had a great visit! Pretty pics.

Marcia Cooke

I was with you guys in spirit! We did the Silver Fork breakfast when we were out in June (with Margene and Smith!) and then did a walk around the lake....so pretty! Glad the altitude didn't bother you!

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