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Monday, September 03, 2007



You always make me smile. :-)


Thanks for the reminder to slow down! It has been a busy summer, here, too, and I haven't been paying my usual attention to the beauty around me.


perfect holiday :-)


Your posts are always such an inspiration. Seriously. I have been complaining of the horrible heat, but not appreciating everything else that also comes with the summer season. Time spent with the kid's out and about, grilling out back in the yard, trips to the beach, etc. Your post brings it all to mind, and makes me think of even more things to be thankful for. As I go out to our rabbit house in the back, and clean hutches, I am going to take time today to sit with them and think about everything this beautiful summer season has brought our way. The kid's are at school every day now, and the fall season is approaching. The holidays are ahead, and there is much to look forward to as well. *HUGS* to you and your family always. :)


Kim, I really enjoyed your post this morning. You captured how I am ffeeling. Summer is so short here. It flew by in a wink. It was a spectacular weekend. We had lobsters and steamers too.


Oh yum!!! Make room, I'm coming over for dinner next time!


I can't believe that my children are already back to school today. Wow. I love fall, though, so I guess I am ready for the calendar to say September.

Beth S.

Ah, I wish I could have been there! From the little hints I've gleaned, it sounds like it was really a wonderful day. I'm intrigued by the reference to the wheel... I hope someone else took a picture. :-)

Wool Winder

Beautiful photos! The spiderweb is my favorite. Everything is so much more enjoyable when we slow down and relax. Glad you were able to do that.


Wasn't that wheel wonderful!? Great to see you, thanks for the laughs.


Sounds like a great relaxing weekend. I can't say the same but the weather was wonderful. So, tell about the cherry wheel!

Marcia Cooke

This summer has been a blur, hasn't it? And you made me realize that we ate not a single lobster this year...criminal! Must fix that. Love the web photo!


Lovely photos. Summer always goes too fast for me but that's because summer is my favorite time of year. So, what's this about a new wheel?


You made that wheel sing. It was wonderful to see you. Yes, you must go see Tess too, WHAT a store she has. Mr. Etherknitter and I are going back in a few weeks to Old Port. I'll just W A N D E R down the street a bit more...


Stunning photos. Glad you had such a lovely day for your event...the food looks amazing! :)


We had a blast, Kim! We felt like we knew you guys forever! The boys miss Skyy. lol.


I am truly sorry that I missed out on Saturday's fiber trekking. I will make sure that doesn't happen again- life is way too short. Glad you got some time off to enjoy it all. Do tell about the cherry wheel.


your summer was much like mine . . whizzing by outside the window while i had my face glued to the computer. but still, it permeates the house in some ways and this weekend was a nice break from all that. (well most of it anyway!)
happy labor day!


That food looks so delicious!!! And your pictures and post are beautiful. :)

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