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Friday, September 21, 2007



Squeal! A Norm wheel? I am breathless just thinking about being in the same room with one, never mind using it. Okay, if you know I own a new Schacht and don't know how to put the drive band on, you might wonder why I am drooling over a Norm wheel. The reason is because I ADORE things that show the hand of the maker. Check out Thos. Moser furniture. $7,500 for a set of drawers??? Oh yeah baby. Some things just whisper "soul." I am jealous. And grateful for your kind words about our yarns on Margene's blog. Blue skies!

Beth S.

Oh my stars... are you really getting a Norm Hall wheel??? This is fantastic. Utterly fantastic! And my fingers are crossed for a Rhinebeck delivery!

That's a beautiful spindle, too. You can't go wrong with Greensleeves. :-) And much as I love my wheel, I also really enjoy a bit of spindle-spinning from time to time. I like to use the spindle for small amounts of fiber, or for sampling, or for travel spinning (the best travel wheel is a spindle, if you ask me!)

Looking forward to the Utah yarn. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous. :-)


omg omg omg! what knd of wheel are you getting from norm?


What a beautiful spindle!

Madame Purl

Congrats on your new wheel. I can't wait to see a picture.


woo hoo, can't wait to see your new wheel!!!

Alarming Female

can't wait to see the wheel!


Oh, I got a happy tear for you when I read about your WHEEL!! Yay!!!

Count me in - I want a skein of Utah sock yarn, for sure!


Is that Strawberry Latte? I just got some of that! LOL :)

Cheryl S.

Congratulations on your soon-to-be-ended wait! And the spindle is just gorgeous.


That spindle is beautiful, it might even make me ( who swore off spindles) try it again!! I will await the Utah collection, since socks are flying off the needles here I will be happy to add to the collection, can't wait to see what else you come up with. Also want to see that wheel. That is my next want, we shall see. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so glad you had a wonderful time, I look at Utah/Colorado and the Rockies as places of renewal...where you are truly close to the wonder of it all...Gina

Wool Winder

I bought a spindle similar to yours only smaller. It's so beautiful that I'll have to take time to learn how to use it. Well...that's what I'm telling myself.


That is a really good Utah color and I can't wait to see (and buy some of) the rest!

It really was great to meet you! I hope you'll come back again soon.

And I'm so excited for you and your new wheel!!!


It was so much fun to have you here and to help inspire your Utah yarn collection. Must help you get that wheel!! It was a truly magical time and I would love for it to happen again.


How exciting! You must be over the moon! Can't wait to see your new collection.


So happy for you regarding the new wheel! Looking forward to seeing it! I'm already standing in line for the Utah sock collection. Isn't spalted maple beautiful? I have one from Spindlewood though not a mushroom type. What is the lovely fiber are you spinning on it?


That is great news, Kim. I do love that spindle -- it's so neat looking. I was DROOLING over your honey sock yarn a few weeks back with Manise -- I almost stuffed it in my bag :-)


How exciting about the wheel! Can't wait to see the yarns you come up with.


Count me in on some Utah yarn and... oh, be still my beating heart... Sir Paul .... gasp.

Kim I will be emailing you... truly I need some yarn from you ;-) yes.. I can be counted as an enabler... just ask Lynne!


Count me in for the Utah Collection yarn. It will be a fabulous memento of our trip.


Wow, Sir Paul really looked young in that video!

You were able to wait seven years for a wheel? It must be very special! Your new yarn is beautiful!


Sign me up for some of that Utah yarn!


Congratulations on being able to outwait Father Time (or Norm Hall, as he is more often called!)

Sounds like your trip was wonderful.

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