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Sunday, September 23, 2007



Your hats are adorable! I love that they are warm (literally and figuratively). Thank you for sharing your Sunday ~ it truly was a lovely day indeed.


Adorable hats! I love the handspun embellishments! It was perfect weather on Sunday. I too love Sundays.


Those pumpkin hats are so cute! But that swatch - oh! I am in lurve with that colorway! Truly truly truly!


Those hats are adorable - I especially like the touch of handspun.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. It was hot here (again!) so I mostly just stayed inside.


Love those hats. Do you have pattern available?


Kim your post is lovely. Muffins, good music, dye pots, cute hats, a little knitting - sounds like a perfect day.

Wool Winder

Pumpkin and acorn hats are a sure sign that fall has arrived. Really cute!


Oh, you are not the only one who loves Sunday mornings! I love to wake up just before Dan (especially when it's cool out) and make tea, sit and read one section of the paper... I usually quietly clean and do laundry... then wake him up for pancakes (he makes them, not me). It's just me and the cat for like 2 hours... sometimes i sit and knit while i read the Globe... love Sunday mornings. Of course, at 1pm, my living room turns into testoterone central and me, the cat and my knitting escape to the bedroom...

Cute hats... pattern??


How nice the weather is cooperating and you feel like diving into the dye pots. We've had pouring rain all weekend and I kept thinking how glad I was that you were all here last weekend when the weather was beautiful.


Those hats are wicked cute! I'm glad you're not feeling overwhelmed by the fair preparation this year.


Such sweet little hats! The must be sooo soft! :)

Debi P

Kim--do you blend the angora & wool yourself or doo you have it sent out for processing? I have 9 bunnies and the angora is begining to pile up around here...


I spent all of this afternoon knitting and watching movies. It was great and very relaxing! I'm glad you had a nice day, too. Your swatch is beautiful and your hats are too, too cute!


Those hats are adorable!
It's stormy here and I took advantage of the crappy weather to catch up on all the household stuff I neglected last weekend. But there are no muffins or cabernet. :-(


I love the pumpkin and acorn hats. A little touch of handspun makes them a nice little luxury for a wee babe.

Marcia Cooke

Cute hats, yummy muffins! Which reminds me...need to go make some muffins!


Can you tell me where to find the pumpkin hat pattern? I have several babies to make gifts for and have been stressing over what to make them. And then your CUTE little hats popped up. And I thought how perfect!!! They are cute, cute, cute!!! Thanks debi in tn.

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