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Monday, September 10, 2007



I popped over to wish you a Happy Birthday (because Carole told me to), but found myself hanging out reading your blog for awhile.

Your Cavalier is STUNNING! I've been doing some research on them lately because hubby has promised me one for almost a year now. Where did you get yours?


A little parrot(head) told me it's your birthday today. Happy birthday! And a belated happy anniversary to your parents as well! What a great wedding photo. (Tomorrow is our 26th, which is scary enough. I do hope we have at least 24 more.)

blogless sharon

first of all, Happy Birthday baby. love the color of the vest and I am so glad the anniversary part went well what a handsome couple. congrats again

Alarming Female

Over from Carole's to say Happy Birthday! Just like her to spread the love, eh? I guess I get to meet you this weekend in SLC ~ cool!



Happy Birthday! I received my yarn yesterday, and it is gorgeous. Thanks!


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy birthday!!


Another Cavalier lover! We have--had--two; one died in July, the other is alive and keeping us happy. Wonderful dogs.

Happy birthday--a friend of mine is a columnist for the local newspaper, and his birthday is 9/11 also. Last year he wrote a lovely column about meeting other people with the 9/11 birthday: http://www.startribune.com/blogs/roadguy/?page_id=386


Happy Birthday! May God smile on you.


Happy Birthday! I look forward to meeting you this weekend, and celebrating!


Happy Birthday Kim!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I'm grateful to count you as a friend.


Happy Birthday!!!

Robin in VA

Carole sent me on over....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your day is a GREAT one!


Happy birthday! Congratulations on those fabulous wins with the dogs! The vest looks great.

Chris H

The vest is beautiful! And Carole says it's time to wish you Happy Birthday!

Wool Winder

I know you're glad to finished with this yarn. The vest looks great. Have a very Happy Birthday. See you soon!


Carole sent me. Happy Birthday! It's my anniversary today, and it's not easy having a September 11 anniversary, either. I hope you have a wonderful day, and congratulations to your parents, who are very fortunate to have had 50 wonderful years together.

Teresa C

Kim! You held out on me! Your birthday is today? Well, Happy Happy and Margene is right! Celebration forthcoming, I am sure. Have a great (rainy) day.


Happy Birthday, Kim!


Congratulations! and Happy Birthday as well :) Many happy returns of the day as Pooh Bear would say. ;)


Congrats all around. You certainly are your father's daughter! Oh, and Happy Birthday dear friend! Hope you have a super day despite the clouds and rain.


Congrats to the girls! Your vest is just beautiful even if it isn't as soft as you would like. And your parents Anniversary sounded lovely too. What a wonderfully full weekend you had! )


Wow! You have a lot to celebrate! That's great that your dogs did so well this weekend. And I think the vest turned out so well.

That's a beautiful picture of your parents. Congratulations to them on their special anniversary!


Congratulations all around -- beautiful vest, and lots of ribbons for the cute pups!


Congrats all around! I'm ready for cooler temps too!


Congratulations on the dogs' winning so many things! That's wonderful!


And HUGE congrats to your parents! That's awesome inspiration in this day and age!


Beautiful, Kim. I know you're happy it's done. lol. It was worth it. Congrats to Cleo and Skyy!! Was there really ever any doubt?! lol.

kathy b

Best in show Uh huh!

I love love love your dogs.

THe vest yarn is just lovely. Just lovely. Maybe I'll knit a vest....

Teresa C

Wow, the vest, the dogs, the party. Excellent on all counts. You'll have to explain the dog stuff to me, not at all like horses. Or at least what we did. We'll have time, won't we? :)


Mazel tov to your parents. And, of course, to the beautiful dogs.


That is a lovely vest. I think I have come to the same conclusion you did about your vest. I am knitting a lace piece and am not enjoying the process very much. I bit off more than I had time to chew. I guess we learn by making mistakes, but this one will be costly in time; which I don't have a lot of these days.

I was very touched by your parents 50th wedding anniversary. My father died when my parents were married 43 years. I am glad I was old enough at their 25th to make a big production out of it. You just never know!


Happy 50th to your parents! How cool.

Yay for the ribbons too!


Yeah for the dog show ribbons! So hard to keep pups cool and ready to show when it's hot.


The minute I saw that picture I thought, boy does Kim look like her DAD! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time together.


What a beautiful wedding portrait! Congratulations to them, how sweet... (The picture is making me teary.)


Congrats all around!


Congratulations on getting the vest done, now you can move onto something fun and softer on the hands!! Maybe something smooshy?!?!
Skyy is too cute, love that face...I think she wants to move to NC and hang with the Springers!!
Sounds like your weekend was busy: prize winning doggies and a family event!

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