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Friday, August 10, 2007


Mary Ann

What a beautiful shade of pink! And how nice to meet your lovely, gardening daughter.

Mary Ann

What a beautiful shade of pink! And how nice to meet your lovely, gardening daughter.


Ashley is lovely, and so are the gardens she tends. Isn't it wonderful to see your children follow their bliss?
Ahh, rubber stamps... yet another creative art... be brave Kim, you can do it!


Beautiful flowers! I know what you mean - my best friend is a stamper and holy moly is she ever obsessed at times!


What beautiful flowers. Stargazers are my favorite:)

Your soap looks pretty in the special box.


Lol!! I've taught free stamping classes for years, and didn't realize quite *how* many stamps I had til this month as I'm moving across the country & thus packing up the house. Yikes! I'm now much more involved with my knitting, and as addicted as I can be, but if I can help answer *any* questions for you, please feel free to ask! :-) I love the font and leaves you used.

Teresa C

Everything is so beautiful- the flowers, the stamping, the daughter. So lovely.


A friend took me to a stamping shop in NYC last year. Whoa. You aren't kidding, another Pandora's box. I left quickly with just a few multipurpose items. Just a few.

Wool Winder

Beautiful flowers!


I got hooked into the stamping...not enough time and money for everything, but I do love it!


What a beautiful dahlia!

Ooo, those stamps are addictive, aren't they? I'm a little hooked myself. I find the clear acrylic ones easier to use because I can see where I'm positioning them. It's even been possible to restamp them if the ink doesn't cover fully the first time. I like the font you're using and the leaf and dot stamp.

Marcia Cooke

Beautiful....flowers AND daughter! Now, on the subject of the rubber stamps.....you definitely want to close that door, fast! I have THOUSANDS of rubber stamps taking up valuable wool space in my workshop. I know.


I was thinking the same thing as Manise. Ashley is so pretty - she looks just like you!

Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing them.


I've told my mom about the wonderful blog friends I've made and that there's a whole similar community of quilters but she still won't even give in so far as email. :(


The Dahlia is lovely. I don't think I've ever seen one before. "Your stampin" looks really nice...very professional in a country kitchen kind of way. :)


I love dahlias too. My mom grew those big-as-a-dinner-plate kind when I was young. They kind of remind me of big splashy fireworks! Lucky Ashley that she gets to tend a lovely garden like that. She looks like a brunette version of you Kim! Love the soap boxes too.

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