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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Mary E.Dadds

So much of your post i can identify
Your garden looks wonderful.
How about that sweet blue morning glory.
Ending with that wonderful song from the sixties.
You know its older than that.Its Bible,im sure you know.Ecclesiastes3.
Now there s a good book.
Your Blog remains one of my favorite


mary ann

Very insightful discussion on balance; I felt I was talking with you because a friend and I were just last night sharing and brainstorming about vocation and avocation throughout a woman's life. Hope you'll keep us posted on your progress and revelations.
Thanks for sharing!


glad that you are taking time for you.
I'm doing a bit of spinning for myself as well - it's grand.

Beth S.

I often wonder how the producers of the hand-dyed fiber we all covet so much actually get *any* projects of their own done. ;-) And I guess I know the answer now...


It's interesting you should mention this balance thing with knitting at the moment...The past week, I've been knitting baby gifts and a beach tote bag for someone else, and all the while, as much as I have enjoyed knitting for others, my thoughts go to my next sweater and how much I want to start it! I have always loved that song, and loved the scripture From Ephesians 3 even more! I guess we are riding the same train this week!


I had no idea you had a full time job. In my imaginary world, fiber artists are able to dye and spin and knit all day long! I am really impressed with all that you manage to do - and that fabulous garden too! Hats off to ya!


Life has a way of beating that lesson into the heads of those of us who don't listen to gentle reminders, doesn't it??? I look forward to your creating for you phase.

Lisa L.

Balance is what it's all about! I've found that knitting and spinning has kept my balance through all of the crazy health issues I've had this year. Even when I was too tired to knit or spin, just looking at the basket of fiber and my spinning wheel or at my knitting projects helped me to relax. I use the early morning time to knit in peace before the busyness of the day begins!


I loved everything the Byrds sang! Aren't we lucky to have the changing of the seasons to keep life interesting? It's a good idea to take time for yourself...good thought.


I, too, had the "find a balance" moment this summer. I was feeling like a rope being twisted in too many directions at once... and falling apart. So, I have decided on a few things: knit more for me, ask for more of what I need, and repeat the mantra "work to live, not live to work". Each night after dinner, I sit down and knit and enjoy a coffee, while Dan does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. I used to do it while he sat. I realized, all I needed to do was ask. He didn't even flinch. A big part of relieving your self-imposed stress is to ask for help and for what you need. It's not putting the stress on someone else, it's taking it off you. I hope you find your balance and start to be able to enjoy your creative process in a way that's meaningful to you.


Think this is a universal problem for most "creative" types...too many interests, too many projects and not enough time. I find that I have to stop myself and move to something else, not only to re-charge, but to let those creative thoughts come to the fore. Love the colors in the yarn you are spinning and take the time you need for yourself. It is one of those privileges of getting to that certain time of life!


But it would all be so much easier if we were independently wealthy. That's what I keep hoping for... If you're going to dream, you might as well dream big. :)


I hear you Kim and I completely agree with Carole. The vest is going to be super! Love the color!


I don't think I could maintain a balance between knitting, dyeing, spinning so I will just stick with knitting. Besides, my bank acct probably would protest!


Balance really is important. And it can be so elusive. I hope you find yours in the way that you want.

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