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Monday, July 23, 2007



Oh, Kim! Oat pancakes (with strawberries!) sound so fabulous!! And you can never go wrong with maple syrup... us New Englanders are so lucky. :)

I know it's not easy, but you did great. And now you know how to find that oat flour for next time!


Skye is so very cute. I have always said that when I get to the point that a springer is too much, it will be a KCC for me...love the look and the personality. I have many such moments in our home!!


The pancakes look wonderfully delicious! Your pup is so cute!


My very dear friend is doing her level best to eat foods grown locally, as well. Us … well, not so much. It’s on my radar though, so that’s at least a start. The pancakes look delicious!


I'm impressed with the local flour. That must have taken a hunt.

The little face is SO expressive.


Those pancakes look really yummy. I applaud you for trying to eat local. I went to our farmers market and they had eggs, bread and honey...so I made french toast with honey drizzled over it. :)

Skyy is so adorable! She is so photogenic. :)

kathy b

Oh , the baby puppy is sooooooo cute. I'm still thinking two KCC next time. They are too wonderful.


I've been trying to get all I can locally, though flour isn't one of them unfortunately. But I am buying bread made locally as a substitute- french toast instead of pancakes. Boy you've been cranking out the yarn over the last week! Pretty colors.


Skyy is so cute!! She looks so pretty after her bath. Mr. Todd continues to chew on his ears!!! He is so much fun, though. I'll keep him!! Oat pancakes sound yummy.


What an adorable doggy! Such a cutie pie. Glad your excursions into local foods went well. I just love oat pancakes, but I haven't made them in awhile. Perhaps I'll try that soon . . .


Love the "you can't catch me" photos!

Oat pancakes sound yummy. I like the concept (and protest against mega agribusiness) of eat local. I'll have to start looking into what more I can get for local eating.


The pancakes sound wonderful! It's harder than I thought it would be, too, but I've gotten good at working in local things with most meals even if I haven't made an entirely local meal yet.


Oat pancakes sound fabulous!
What a cute face she has;-)

Wool Winder

We'd probably go hungry if we tried to eat only local. Good luck with your challenge. The pancakes look yummy.

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