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Sunday, July 08, 2007



i've been using the rotenone you suggested as an organic, non-toxic insecticide for the aphids on the tomatoes. i buy it locally from an organic farm products dealer and they also sold me something for a mild blight that has hit my tomatoes.

they told me that what kills the cucumbers and squash is NOT the beetle, but the infectious blight it carries around the garden. so they gave me a copper product to spray on the plants, and it's working! the blight has stopped in it's tracks just about; you have to keep applying it each week though because the beetle will still come back.

one more thing that helps is a seaweed fertilizer that you spray on the leaves to nourish the plants. it won't kill the bugs, but they don't like it.

all these products may be mixed in the same sprayer and applied at the same time. they are safe to apply within a few days of picking produce, and all cost about $10 to $12.


Oh, the socks look gorgeous!! I've had such perfect luck knitting any NB pattern - it's just knitting magic when I pick one up and always love the results.

The soapy water is a great idea and I've also heard of using diluted garlic juice in a spray bottle to get rid of various bugs in the garden that just eat the leaves and stuff. I'm terrible and resorted to actual poison to get rid of my squash vine borers.


Those socks are fabulous and the next best thing to hand-picking those little beetle buggers is chickens! Ducks are okay, but I don't like their disposition, they get a bit too demanding. But chickens are great bug eaters and then you get the eggs! You won't need but a couple of hens.

kathy b

Good for you for sticking with it. The finished socks are impressive and lovely.


When in doubt reach for the washing up liquid! Whitefly, greenfly, mealy bug, whatever it was that had a go at my cauliflowers.... all fall with a drop of fairy liquid in the watering can. If only it cured black spot on the roses as well.....!
The socks are great. I don't have that particular Nancy Bush book....yet!00 needles are not much more than cocktail sticks so I do agree, although the one pair of socks I have knitted with 00's are very neat although I say so myself!


Yep, handpicking, but also you can spray them with soapy water each morning. It works, and it's nontoxic. I have been thrilled this year to find some spiders that have somewhat camouflaged themselves to look like the beetles, and have spun webs and caught a lot of the little suckers! Want MORE of those spiders!!!


Not all journeys are happy the whole time through...but it is the ones with obstacles that we overcome that produce growth. Give yourself a pat on the back for some awesome socks...what a beautiful colorway!

Wool Winder

Really nice. I love the color.


Darn those yellow bugs. I hope you can find something that will rid your garden of them. The socks are very cool...Koigu is fabulous. I usually go up a size needle on Nancy's patterns...she's a loose knitter, but your socks turned out wonderfully!


The bugs and pests are exactly why we opted for the CSA this year. Hope the harvest is still plentiful.


Your cucumbers may be suffering, but your sunflower and pepper show such promise!

The socks are lovely! I'm about to circle down to 0s on my socks. *sigh* Yeah. Then I really WILL run out of yarn.


Exactly what you're doing- handpicking! Pinch the little critters between thumb and forefinger and squish their guts out- sorry for the violence, but it usually does the trick. Check you plants several times a day- wash, rinse and repeat.

Beautiful socks!

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