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Monday, July 02, 2007



So sorry about the bad news for your neighborhood and how "close to home" it was. I was having a discussion like this yesterday morning at my knitting group about how exposed the afghan project has made my family - the children especially because I use our real names and where we live is no secret. Does it really put us at any greater risk than visiting the convenience store down the street? Driving to the park? Sitting at a stop light? Playing in the yard??? Car accident. Mauled by a dog. Randomly shot by a thief at the bank or store? I think our every day life is very high risk just by walking out the front door or even just sitting in my knitting chair working on a sock. We're all at risk for things to happen whether we're plastered all over the internet or not. We can't stop living because we're trying to avoid the every day risk of living. Take care Kim - I'm thinking of you and your community.

Regarding the cashmere, I'm with whoever said they've been afraid of ruining the fiber. I received about 20-25g as a gift and I've been carefully pondering and studying the best way to use it so the fiber isn't wasted by my inexperience.


How horrible and so very sad. It's so unnerving when it's so close to home.


I don't even know what to say about the terrible, terrible thing that happened. I'm so sorry for your town, for the people who have lost.

I do have http://www.on-the-map.com/roka/ this link, which may be the cashmere. I hope the juxtaposition is OK.


so much to say - and no words for the first part. A small town like your ripped apart by such terror... terrible.
There is such senseless horror in this world. I am so sorry that it came so close to you, and how fortunate that your family was spared.
May the ill person who did this be caught soon.

Changing subjects bluntly, I shift to the cashmere yarn spinning ... we have owned many cashmere goats, and my guess is that you got some to spin from an exceptional goat (lucky you!) We have had good ones and mediocre ones - it's all a crap shoot. And even one year to the next, a fabulous goat can produce totally different fiber.
Your skeins look lovely - you did such a nice job.


kim, that is horrific.


Kim, what a dreadful thing that has happened. It can certainly change a community. Keep safe, and know that I am thinking of you, and praying for this family.


Oh, my...thoughts with your town. That is just awful! Your right...it really puts everything in perpective..sadly.


i will certainly keep this family in my thoughts kim.
we had a car accident right outside our home today. it's a street where you are supposed to drive 25 mph, but no one does (well besides this crazy gray-haired knitter who lives there), so sadly we often see accidents here, and sometime they are not very minor.

i hope your town will start getting back to normal soon



Beth S.

What a terrible story! The fact that the shooter remains unknown and at large is awfully scary...

Susan P

Oh Kim! How awful!

My dad lives in a very small town also. No one locks their doors at night. But I guess no place is really safe.

I think that is why my faith is so important to me. Because God is my safe place. No matter what.

May God bring you and your entire town together, that you may all shoulder the burden of grief and by so doing, lighten the load for these families.

Shalom. (wholeness at all times, in all things)


Just saw on the news that they arrested the suspect about half an hour ago, over in Fryeburg.

What a sad and terrible thing for these families.


What a sad day! I think it seems all the more crazy when it happens in a small New England town--we kind if expect some senseless violence in big cities... Weird to think of, though. Too many mice in the maze, I guess. Glad you are safe. It must have been creepy staying locked up with all the law enforcement swarming around.

Lee Ann

I'm so sorry to hear about this, Kim. Stay safe...I hope they find the guy quickly. At last glance at the Union Leader website, he was still at large. Scary :-(


You were all I could think of last night when I heard the news. Unbelievable. I was thinking "I drove past there last summer vacation..." and "Dan stopped there to pick up a flint".


How sad and tragic.......it really affects us all doesn't it? We aren't even safe in our small communities anymore. I can remember when life was a given, now I know it's a gift - every single day.

Will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. I hope they apprehend the gunman quickly.


Terrible, tragic news, Kim. I'm so sorry for all the families affected by this.


Oh, Kim. I am so sorry.


What a horrible thing to happen in your backyard. I'm really sorry. Saying prayers for the family and that the killer is caught soon.

Your cashmere is so yummy...I can't wait to see what you make with it. :)

Wool Winder

Tragedies like this are always so senseless. I hope the find the guy soon. So horrible.


Such awful sadness. I hope your community is soon safe from this shooter, though I know the effects of his actions are permanent. Hugs to all of you!


Life is so fragile and no part of our country is immune from the ravages of violence and hurting minds.
The cashmere is all beautiful. I have yet to spin any as I'm am in fear of ruining it. Your spinning looks so even and fabulous and the yarn looks as soft as it can be.


I saw that on the news last night and was afraid for you. I know your community is small and was sure that this would touch your life in some way. I'm sorry and I'll be keeping those families in my thoughts.

Cheryl, the knitting Jungian

It's so rare for those of us living in small towns in places where murder is very uncommon to be touched in this way. I am so sorry this came so close to you and wish you all safety and eventually restored peace.

Teresa C

I thought of you immediately last night when I heard the news. I almost called, but it was late. Makes it difficult to feel safe or to watch your husband head out to work, doesn't it? Be well.


And always appreciate that you are given the gift of being able to continue on, day by day.

Naturally, I have to ask. Who was the vendor for the last cashmere?


I'm so sorry to hear about this tragedy. Sending my thoughts from across the pond.


How terrible for everyone. We had similar thing happen a few weeks ago in Melbourne, I city we just moved from. A man assaulting a woman some good samaritans went to help all were shot, including the girl. One man died, he too had a wife and young children. the shooter was at large but was apprehended about a week later. I hope the same happens in this instance. Prayers for everyone, including all in the town so you can all feel at peace again.


Sorry to hear about this horrifying news. Stay safe, hoping the authorities find him soon.


I'll definitely pray for the families and for your town. It's so hard when bad things happen so close to you. And the violence is so senseless.


Yikes. When these kinds of things hit so close to home it makes you wonder... Glad you and yours are ok. I'll put in a prayer for the families of the others.


I had wondered where you lived in proximity to this , this morning. Sending you, your community and the families prayers and the hope they this get this guy really soon.

Lovely cashmere btw-never tried spinning it before. Will have to put it on my life list of fibers to get and spin.

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