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Friday, June 01, 2007



Your shawl is lovely! I have some merino/tencel that I was thinking of using for a similar shawl. How big did yours end up?


I, too, am catching up on blog reading. I really like your Shetland shawl - is it of your own design? Will you share the pattern?


OMG that is so lovely! Another masterpiece!

Skyy is such a lovely name. It fits her perfect! :)


This turned out so so pretty! I'm linking to it, if you don't mind.


Hi,I know I am a little late,Skyy seems to fit that little poop, and I like the spelling,but over the weekend I was thinking of Poli part of cosmopolitan or even Poly with the one L.Oh Well Maybe the next pup.........

Diane E

Love the color of the shawl, different from alot out there! Sky(y) is on the list of future pet names here , great choice. Daine did make the spindle bag... I was lucky to get this print. I'm very happy with the spindle too! I may see you in Windsor?!


Lovely shawl! Which pattern is it?


I'm catching up on my blog reading. Your shawl is lovely! Great restful shade of green. Congratulations to your daughter (and to you) re: her graduation!


SKYY!! I love it! (not really as the vodka, but as the SKY and an extra Y) haha~ She is adorable!
I love to see pictures of the baby robins!
Take a deep breath now..


Absolutely beautiful - pattern source, please! :)


What a delightful post, all full of beautiful, exciting things! Since I'm in the middle of a long shawl (ha!), I'm immediately drawn to your lovely shetland - nice work! - but the puppy, and the robins!


Oh, I love your shawl! It's very beautiful. The color is fantastic.

kathy b

Skyy is to dyye for.
Love your shawl. Seems an unreachable goal for me right now. Ill just adore yours.
color is gorgeous too.


Hi Kim---I've been searching for over a month for a triangular shawl pattern without points on the border(they are lovely, but I just don't have time or space to pin them out). Would you mind sharing where you obtained the pattern?

Also, love the pup. When we went puppy shopping in 1999, I wanted a KCC but breeders would not sell them to us. We don't have a fenced yard! We live in the middle of nowhere, but that didn't matter. I still hope to have one someday.

Also, how are the buns?


I love the shawl -- looks great. Skyy is an adorable girl!


oooh, that shawl is the prettiest color! like sherbet; mmm


Beautiful shawl! Those birds will be out before you know it.


Skyy is a good name. It does suit her. I love the shawl. I keep thinking about knitting this one and yours has convinced me that I should.


Wow what a fast knit the shawl was. Love the color and so dainty and delicate looking. Beautiful pattern. Can you steer me towards the pattern? Perfect color too.
Cuddles to the new girl on the block, she is darling.

Susan P

The sweat pea shawl is a thing of beauty - almost as pretty as real sweet peas (but not quite.) Your lace weight, I presume? Maybe I'll try that pattern with the Cracklin Rosie you sent me.


Crafting Jen

Love the color and pattern on the shawl. The green is so happy!

Wool Winder

The shawl is so pretty!

I love seeing the birds. That's a great picture.


Your shawl is beautiful. I love the pattern and color.
That puppy is so cute. Glad to see the robins are doing well.
Sorry I haven't commented. I've been on a bit of a knitting deadline. And it looks like I still am!
Have a great weekend.

Beth S.

Ha! It DOES look like a stingray. But a very pretty one. :-)

I'm so glad the robins are doing well. I was worried about them!


My shawl came out much smaller than I'd expected, also. I reblocked it to enhance the points but they eventually settled back into their soft mode. I'll bet it has terrific drape. Lovely.

I could not get through that book. It gave me the heebie jeebies.


I love that shawl! And the puppy name is absolutely perfect.


Beautiful! I love the color, it really shows off the stitch pattern! Skyy is a perfect name.


Gorgeous shawl. But I disagree with the stingray thing. I think it looks like a fiddlehead fern unfurled.


Great shawl!


Your shawl is just lovely Kim - I love the pattern and especially the color. That's another of my LONG term goals; to spin and knit a beautiful shetland shawl from my own shetland sheep. Ah, Someday.........

Skyy - she's adorable!

Enjoy your weekend -


Beautiful shawl.


Your shetland is gorgeous! Worthy of thieving :-) I love the color. Glad you stuck with the vodka theme in naming Skyy! She has a beautiful face and seems to be of larger/ stockier confirmation than Cleo.

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