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Monday, June 04, 2007



I love the Cowboy Junkies, too! :)

We had a bird's nest above our front door light. Unfortunately, not a good spot because the bird would startle whenever we went out and a couple of eggs dropped. 3 baby birds made it, though.


I've just loved your nest 'cam' ;) of course, as I posted two of my 5 in the nest out back ended in my dogs mouth :( urg.


Great pictures as always.

How did you know that the puddle jumping robin was "he" and the last in the nest was "she"?


Oh, I've witnessed that same thing, with finches, not robins. Isn't it just the greatest thing?


My mom had a nest of sparrows on her 2nd story apt. balcony, and we got to witness the fledglings leave the nest...except one, just like yours. After a while, the whole family was flying outside the balcony, urging the last one to go for it. It took another 30 minutes or so, and he finally edged out and took off. Absolute magic to watch!


I love watching robin babies hop after their parents, all the while crying, " Ma! Ma! Feed me!" Then I love watching the parents stuff worms down the throats of the young ones. Don't they look grumpy, though, when you look at the head-on photos?


oh the whole bird story has been so cool! we had a nest on top of our porch column two years ago, and i was enthralled with it.

Beth S.

I can't get over the first picture of all the baby birds crammed into the nest. How did they fit?! And can they go back to the nest if they want to, or is that against the bird rules? ;-)


Oh sigh. They grow up so fast! Love the picture of Maggie, she looks like she wants to go play in the rain.


Thank you for sharing the miracle of life with us. It must be awesome to see your babies fly for the first time! :)

Wool Winder

Watching the robins has been great fun!


They grew so quickly. How wonderful for us to watch the process with your help. Sorry you missed the Junkies...they are one of my favs, too! Blue Grass rules!! ;-)


Bird chatter when babies are fledging is amazing! When I hear it, I search for my cat and tuck her into the garage for a few days. She's not pleased, but it's better than when she and I both dive for the same baby at the same time. So far, I win. I rarely see robins fledging, though I have found remains of robin eggs. But I do get treated to lots of cardinals, and last year, gold finches turned up. Quite a treat!


I've been lucky to see the fledgling process and I soon as I saw the first photo I knew they were ready! Last year it took an entire day for the last robin to make it out of the nest and then into a bush until mom could convince him to leave and fly across the street. So gawky lol.

Hoping your skeins dry quicky. Have you tried hanging them near an open oven door?


Great bird pictures and commentary!


My ceiling fans have made drying stuff a lot easier. Of course I'm only drying one skein at a time... :)


Wonderful sequence! I've never seen the fledging process before. They look quite serious about this whole manuever.

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