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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Jasmine & Ellie

Oh poor little girl eating her ear! I am guessing the show you went to was Danbury? I was at the show with my little girl but not for showing, rather then for learning to show as I hope to be in the ring in about 5-6 years. I have emailed you in the past about Cavaliers though I don't know if you recall as its been some time. I always like to pop over to your blog from time to time though as I love your dogs. I am still trying to teach myself how to crochet slowly. Im getting there. Best of luck in Springfield if you're going. Its in my state so I'll be there all 3 days hopefully.


I love that story! Lola is always playing with her ears but has never managed to chew them off before! But who could be mad at Cleo with a face like that?!?!

I must admit I miss the short puppy ears - she was so much easier to keep her neat & tidy! Now it's 50 strokes on each ear before bedtime! LOL!

Madame Purl

That is the cutest face ever.


Dogs chew on their OWN ears? I didn't know that.


That's a sweet little face!


Where's the action shot? I'm excited!


Ssssh ... your secret is safe with me, too. ;-) Sorry about the unfortunate ear chewing. Argh.


Oh, look at that cute little face!


i would never think ahead enough to realize that dogs are so much work!


I have Springer Spaniels and have one that chews her ears...looks a bit strange -- some of it long and some of it short. Moth eaten is a perfect description! Maybe we need a snood!


I love your little bag! :)

Awwwh the girls are so adorable! Sorry about the ears...

Wool Winder

Looks like you haven't forgot how to crochet. Cute little bag!

Wool Winder

Looks like you haven't forgot how to crochet. Cute little bag!

kathy b

Oopsy. Well who cant resist a good ear chew now and then. Snood. I've increased my vocab. and when I get a CKC of my own I'll be the wiser.


I love the look on her face while wearing her snood. Good luck with the crocheting the new snood.
I like that word. Snood.
Snood snood snood! ::grin::


I can pretty much feel that awful sensation in your chest when you saw what she'd done to her ears. And speaking of snoods, I need to get Molly used to one. Do you have a pattern?


Darn those grrls. They have such cute faces you can't stay mad for long!


That's such a funny story! I have crocheted all my life but since I have learned how to knit in the last 2 years, I flat don't crochet anymore. I can't say I miss it, but it does come in handy for knitting! The bag is cute and how sad for your snood.


She is so darn cute!! I've never heard of a snood, how funny is that? Todd tries to chew on his ears too. He isn't for show, so I guess he won't need a snood. Love the pictures of the dogs, keep 'em coming.


Cute story. But sorry about the ear chewing! Good luck hookin'.


Do your dogs tolerate the snoods well? I think my dog would try like crazy to get it off.


One of my favorite things to see at a dog show is all the freshly groomed dogs with their snoods on. And they all seem to be pretty agreeable with them. Probably just another day at the dog show! :)


I'll keep your secret. Hey, can you put up a side shot of the little lady in her snood? I've never seen one on a dog.

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