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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I love your Monkey socks but I have to say I love your garden so totally! I miss my garden right now; I just love the idea that you can plant these little seedlings and plants and get such a bounty of produce - enjoy!


Your Monkey socks are great- love the color. I'm still putting in my veggies- so late this year!


Your garden looks like the fledgling birdies! Fun to watch things grow, isn't it? Every year we put in so much gusto at the beginning planting and preparing the garden. Thenwe go away for a week or two on vacation, and come back to weeds everywhere... This year we are going much smaller, with mainly just a tomato bed. I think we can keep up with that! Love the monkey sock in that color--shows off the lacy pattern nicely!


I see how you knit socks so fast..you're growing them -LOL- great pic! :)

Beautiful socks and such a lovely garden you have going there too! :)

Wool Winder

Everyone raves about the Monkey Sock. I guess I'm going to have to put it on my ever growing to-knit list. Yours look great!


The socks are fabu and I LOVE the color...really, I do! The size of your garden reminds me of my mothers garden. I spent time there helping her every summer just so I could come home with fresh tomatoes!


There is nothing quite like fresh veggies!
Great socks too. I've been seeing quite a bit of the monkey socks around. I am starting to get the hankering to do some monkeying around myself!


Love your sock pair picture!


What a beautiful garden you've got going there! And a ton of work. Can't wait to see how your garden grows. **grin**


i just love pictures of tender new plants . . . mine are at that gawky teenage stage right now. in fact, today i ordered more seeds for lettuce and spinach to plant when this rotation peters out. i want to watch them grow!
(i saw a lil' green tomato today!!)


The garden looks great -- my pepper and eggplant plants have already been eaten by some hungry critters!


Your soil does look very good! (Ours still has lots of red clay even though we have amended it quite a bit.) Your garden and your socks look very nice.


Love the socks and your garden is looking wonderful!

Mary Ellen Dadds

Your garden looks like its coming along.
We didnt do much this year with ours ,im like you last year.
For some reason i just dont have the ambition or desire.I know i will regret it later on.
Yours looks grand ,youll be happy.

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