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Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Beautiful yarn and love the name...perfect!


Love the green and it looks like the shawl is coming along nicley.


Love the color, love the nature shots. What is the name of the science-fiction-looking plant that inspired the green? It's really neat!


love that spring pea color! it's divine.

Wool Winder

I like that name and the color very much. Enjoying the robin update too.


That's a great color and it's one of my favorites! Great name, too!

Diane E

Is that what I think it is.. Shetland Triangle? I love to see other knitters choices of colours in projects I've done. It's going to be very pretty.


Oh, the new Spring green color is just beautiful, Kim! It does remind me of the sugar snap peas I ate for dinner last night. I see the baby! Isn't that the best thing? And, I think you need to create a yarn color to match the robin's eggs!


ooops, i said almost exactly the same thing as carole . . . but i meant it!


hahaha! that color is going to look gorgeous on you dahlink!
oooh, and that lil baby birdy . . ! what great timing.


I absolutely LOVE that color! It's perfect for spring and summer. Is that a flower basket shawl?


Since green is my most favorite color, I am a bit prejudice. I like the color alot. The flower that is in the picture used to be called a Spider Mum. It's been a while since I worked as a florist so the name may have changed. Either way, it's my birth flower.

The naked baby picture is adorable. We have a nest in our front yard tree and I am waiting to see some naked baby birds there too. Spring is such a wonderful time for all babies, including the racoons that have been digging up my newly planted garden!


Very very pretty - and exceptionally spring like!


I'm not crazy about big pools of color in variegated yarn knitting either. But I love your Princess and the Pea colorway! Softly subtle and elegant.

Amazing that nekkid, so ugly they're cute baby birds survive, isn't it?


That pea is so lovely and shiny it will make a gorgeous shawl! I love whatever lace pattern you are concocting there too!

Hello little fledgling. Do you think that we can dye some merino/tencel to match your beautiful blue egg? Nature is just amazing!

Sorry about the pooling issue. I know you can thwart it though. :)


I love the princess and the pea green. I love green as long as it is the right green. Princess and the pea is the right green. The sock looks great. Welcome little bird.

Teresa C

Are you stalking my thoughts? I was just thinking tonight that I might do that same shawl in MY merino/tencel. It is still very much in the thinking about it stage, and now I can wait and see yours before I decide. Thanks! :)


That shade of green is lovely and it would look terrific on you. Love the baby robin photo.


I really need to get some of that merino/tencel yarn. Or fiber. I'm mesmerized by the shine.


Don't you just love the color of those eggs!? Nice socks and the green is one I even like;-)


What is that shawl pattern? It looks so nice in that color!

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