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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Diane E

That baske tis my "cup of tea" too. Enjoy!

julia fc

amen. And dude, Lovely Bones? Brace yourself; one of the creepiest books I've read, and I don't mean in a delicious Stephen King kind of way.


What a beautiful way to spend Memorial Day! Congrats on your new feathered family. :)


Amen ~

I love your idea of a basket ~ what a lovely idea. Congratulations on the new babies! ;-)


Such cute babies! Amazing how fast they grow up, and how awkward the first steps out of the nest.


that sounds like a great way to spend the weekend! i can't wait to see what that knitting is all about!


Enjoy the Lovely Bones. A terribly sad read, but very good. And I hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather!

Teresa C

Hmmm, I'm very curious to hear your take on the Lovely Bones. I read it a while ago and I am trying to remember the end. I think I have the right book and will love to hear what you think.

Baby of a different sort. Now you have me curious.

Wool Winder

I see you packed the insect repellent. Good idea. Enjoy your summer evenings...bug free.

kathy b

Prayer said. WEll put.


Can you believe that it we are perched upon the edge of another summer?
Loving the picture of your babies. And the bird babies. How precious they are!


I love your idea of a basket to grab each day and spend time doing something relaxing! I m going to try that this year. It honors the spirit of summer so well!
Thank you for the baby birdie pictures, too. We have the new families around--I can hear them, but they are in places where I cannot see them!


May you have a lovely and relaxing holiday weekend! Do what you like and kick back to ready for the rest of a crazy summer ;-)


Back yards can be such peaceful, comfort-ful places. Thanks for sharing yours a bit.


I'm anxious to know how you like Lovely Bones. It's not always easy to read but it's very very good. Happy Memorial Day, Kim.

Mary Beth

I loved seeing the baby birds. We always used to hang a plant on our porch, and the same robin would nest there every year. We loved watching the process...hope you catch their first flight! Happy Memorial Day!


What a wonderful post about our Memorial weekend...and nice tribute as well :) I'm hearing my baby birds right now as I write, but heavily in a beam and can't get a view.

Susan P

Can I just say a big AMEN! to the prayers for our service men and women - both those who are now serving, and those who we memorialize this weekend. This time is set aside for the consideration of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and for our country. Whatever our politics, I think we can all agree that they are worthy of our heartfelt prayers and prayerful remembrance.

"There is no greater love," says the Lord, "than to lay down your life for a friend."

Thanks for reminding all of us what Memorial Day is all about.


Those babies are adorable!


Those babies are adorable!


and say a prayer for our gals overseas!!


I noticed The Lovely Bones in your basket. Have you read it before? If not, you may find the first two chapters difficult and painful to read. Hang in there. This is a book like no other and it's worth the initial discomfort. It may shake you to your shoes but you'll likely be grateful for it.

When we lost our daughter ate age 13 I thought I'd die. Wished I could die. This book gave so much solace in the way it depicted a very personalized, alternate view of heaven, and a realistic look at what the loss of a child does to a family.

It is not depressing. It is hope-giving, redemptive and date I say, life changing. The author's style of writing and turn of a phrase stay with me today.

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