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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Diane E

The yarn and pattern are a perfect match! Nice knit! I'll be there tomorrow!


Lovely sock! *sigh* Toe up. Yeah. Okay.

Mary Ellen Dadds

I love your sock.
I have been knitting a sock called embossed leaves from a past interweave knits mag.
koigu yarn.Im feeling their too big.
Maybe i should rip and start again with a smaller needle.
Thought i had checked the guage.
Isnt that the way it goes?


That sock is very handsome and the yarn is lovely indeed. I love the stuff you are spinning too...reminds me of roses... :)


I've been anxiously watching Anne work on the "Man Lace" sock -- it is wonderful! And the colors in the yarn are just gorgeous -- how did I not know you were dyeing yarn? I must live under a mighty big rock ;o)


Nice socks!! great yarn!! Try doing the cast off with a purl 2 tog;purl 1, slip them back on the left needle and purl them together, purl 1, then slip it back on etc..


It's a lovely marriage of color and pattern - it's really a great sock!


I took a dyeing workshop with Linda and it was fantastic! She was so great! I'll have to see if I can get up there that weekend.


I like that pattern for me! Anne does wonderful work. Your yarn compliments it perfectly. I've been meaning to do a toe up. Thanks for the push.


Oh my.... These socks are amazing! I must have some of that yarn. Can I purchase this colorway from your shop?

Also, the CMF roving is blooming into somehting beautiful! I'm so glad it is pleasing you and your daughter:)


Hi Kim (I’m your new Special Swap Partner – joy!). The socks look great and I especially love the Rosemary and Thyme colorway you created with the pattern. They compliment each other very nicely. Kudos!


absolutely great sock - the yarn, the pattern. wow. I love Anne's patterns, and we're going to be offering them on our website (yippee)
I've never done toe up either - the cast off edge always confuses me too.
Your "It takes two baby" spinning looks wonderful - it's one of my favorite colorways. Too funny about your 'tomboy' daughter wanting this color :-)

Marcia Cooke

Great sock! By the way, Linda spoke last time at our Guild meeting down in Connecticut and was fantastic! Wish I could get up there for the workshops!


oh my; i am GASPING at the colorway of the sock. SO happy i bought some! this color is all david. which colorway of CMF are you spinning? i love the greens and pinks together.

hehe, i rested my mind last night with spinning too and finished up my spunky midnight run . . .

Wool Winder

I would definitely use this lace pattern for myself. It's beautiful! I'm afraid my husband would find it a little too girly for his taste. I'll have to ask him.


The sock is wonderful and so is Ann's design. I am put off by the toe up technique but if you think it would work as cuff down that I may succumb.


It's a gorgeous sock, Kim! I may have to go order that pattern!

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