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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Kim, I think that may be the cutest puppyface ever. After Oley, of course. :D

But you named her after Etherknitter's bigwheel? Interesting.


Quite the cute one! I like Abby for the name.


Oh my word ~ she is absolutely, positively gorgeous. She reminds me of a Madeline for some reason. I want to come over to your house and nuzzle her!


What about "abby" for Absolut? :)

She's gorgeous!!! Now, I need to get a puppy...

:) Kate


She is a sweetie, what a cute little face, I think she looks like a Tilly.


Kim, she is to die for beautiful! I love Cleo's type also from her pics. I am so in love with my Cavaliers, I cannot begin to express how much. We are going to take all three to Nags Head, NC for vacation next month! Only way I could go - could not leave my "puppies".

Caroline is 9 now and my angel, Sam will be 9 in October, and Eli the "baby" is 5 in June. Sam is a never-ending source of joy to us, and we are forever grateful that you allowed him to live here! His last heart check was good, and he goes in for an ultrasound in July. Will talk with you soon, hopefully!


Oh my goodness, Kim. She is adorable! I am in agreement with "Tini" - to stay with the martini theme! (Although, Stoli does not remind me of ravioli! LOL) I am happy to hear she is "getting" where to go potty! Enjoy!


Oh my goodness, Kim. She is adorable! I am in agreement with "Tini" - to stay with the martini theme! (Although, Stoli does not remind me of ravioli! LOL) I am happy to hear she is "getting" where to go potty! Enjoy!


What a beautiful baby girl! We're so jealous - we want to play with her and Cleo!!!


"Cosi" or "Cosie" strikes me... She's adorable.

Heheheh, I still get shivers down my spine and remember how afraid I was -- for MONTHS -- after watching The Birds.
; )

Wool Winder

She's a cutie!


Oh, so cute!! I like the suggestion Polly, or perhaps Tini.


Having had springer spaniels, I have always wanted a King Charles...I think I would endorse Polly...comes out of cosmopolitan and is a fitting name for such a beautiful young lady!! I am looking forward to watching her grow up!


Oh my gosh is she cute!!! How about the name Amalie? How many Cavaliers do you have? I just want to reach into my monitor and give her a big hug and kiss!!

Mary the Digital Knitter

How about "Cosmo"? It reminds me of an old TV show and the drink, not the magazine.

My next dog, who may be a puppy right now, if I'm lucky, is going to be "Gordo". after Charles Gordon "Gordo" Fullerton, an astronaut and research test pilot I know. The previous two were Buzz and Neil.


Baby birds and baby dogs...just TOO cute! I've been watching my nest, too...amazing how fast it goes I'm going to miss the chirping to be fed!


hahaha! we used to raise springer spaniels when i was growing up (Bopeg's Ivy lineage) and for a while we had "old ivy" and her daughter, also named Ivy, since originally she lived with my grandparents. when we took her to live at our home, we just called her "puppy" since her mom lived with us, too. it stuck long into her geriatric years, because it was such an affectionate-sounding name, it baffled the friends and neighbors, who always needed an explanation.


Wow, have the little birdies grown!! I can't believe how much they have changed in a week. How is Mama Bird doing--lots of trips out fetching food, I bet!

Puppy is so cute! 'Martie' or 'Mandie'?


When I heard "Stoli" I thought of vodka and who doesn't like a martini? Seeing her Registered name includes Cosmopolitan how about Martini? Or Martina? Not that cute I know :-)


Who doesn't love a puppy? What a cutie. We have four dogs and they give US a run for our money. I think I would be glued to the chair all the time when not working if I didn't have to jump up and let them in and out. They have me trained really well! We have a branch of the tree in our front yard that has a nest about the same as yours. Everytime I go up the stairs I stop to see what's going on. Can't see feathered babies but mom and dad and going back and forth a lot.


The puppy is adorable. My daughter suggests "Brownie" and btw, wants to know if they are for sale, lol! (I told her "no!") :-)


Well, she is a Texas girl, she needs a Texas name. The late Ann Richards was a fine Texan - you could call her Annie. She's a handsome pup!




Isn't she adorable? And I love the Peaches!!


How about Polly? And it kind of goes with her official important name. Or Molly. I like the name Molly. Even better than Polly, actually.

Crafting Jen

She's just beautiful!

For some reason, the first reaction I had was to call her a darling little Biscuit!


Congrats to the new addition! Awwwh she's so adorable. She looks like a Morgan to me.

I can't believe the birds already have feathers! :)


You almost make me want a dog. Almost. ;-)


Oh my that is one beautiful face! I've been wondering where you were.


How adorable is she... What a pretty face--the first name that poppted into my head was:


Wow! She's stunning. I'm pretty good at spotting "it" (and I know you know what I mean...) and she's got it. :) Is the rest of her as great as the face?


If the registered name is Benchmark Cosmopolitan then why not go for something like 'Pollie' or 'Markie' {which goes with Maggie]. I always love seeing your puppy pictures!

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