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Saturday, May 05, 2007



As others have said, the difference is down to the way you dealt with the wraps when knitting/purling the wrapped stitches.

On the knit side: knit to the wrapped stitch, insert the right-hand needle under the wrap and the stitch itself and knit them all together at the same time. This forces the wrap/mess to the purl side of the fabric.

On the purl side: purl to the wrapped stitch, use the right-hand needle to pick up the wrap from the back (ie the knit fabric side of the left-hand needle), pull it up and onto the left-hand needle, then purl the wrap together with the stitch itself in the normal way.

If that doesn't help, email me! Actually, please email me anyway: I need to know if you'll ship your fabulous (does flattery help?) yarn/roving to the UK :-)


I'm glad to hear that I am not alone with the sock troubles. I want to learn skills, and I knit awhile, rip a longer while, and so on. It's so frustrating, but every time I make something a little more challenging, I learn something new, every time.

I love Anne's pattern, and I can't wait for it! I love your yarn too!
Good luck.

Wool Winder

I've never tried toe-up either. It's because I enjoy top-down so much. Love that stitch pattern!


I have the same problem and it does have to
do with the stitch position. Nicely done anyway and nice yarn!


I'd give the knitting through the back loop a whirl. It helped me a lot with the tiny holes issue. They do look great tho - I love Anne's patterns!!


That pattern looks great! My experience with short-row heels is that it takes a few tries. That is because I can't count or keep track of anything. In theory, they're simple and elegant and a nice change of pace now and then.



It really looks great. I want to try this technique too -- there's a tutorial in the summer IK.


That is a very pretty pattern. (Love the yarn too). ;)
Knitty Gritty had a program with Cookie A. The one thing that clicked for me was that the first row that you knit with the figure 8 cast on you knit through the back loops.


Kudos to you for learning a new technique. I'm sure it will get easier and better each time you do it.


Laritza's comment makes my brain hurt, but I know it's important. Have to get needles in hand...I've been so lazy about learning this technique.


they look FAB kim! and the heel is worked EXACTLY the same as the toe—so you've already mastered it! yay!!
i wish i could be thee to show you how i do the wraps and pickups; it's a little more futzy than wendy's method, so i can't explain it over the internet (boo-hoo!)but they look tight and invisibly equal.
the pattern looks great though. you are the best!

Mary Beth

What Laritza said. Heehee. Lazy me. It does have something to do with fronts and backs of stitches, I'm guessing...

I love when what you are working on matches your blog so nicely! So easy on the eyes!


Awesome pattern and gorgeous yarn to be practicing those toes with. :)


Well done! That is what I love about knitting and spinning and any craft, there are always new things to learn. Keeps the brain happy. as for the two sides looking different, my short row heels always did too till I used the "Cosmicpluto" tutorial. http://www.cosmicpluto.com/blog/?p=585 it works for heels, maybe it will work for toes, the theory should be the same. good luck and great job. Craft people are brave!


The toes comes out different because of the way you work the wrap and the stitch in the purl row. Pay attention at how stitch sits on the needle on both sides. It would be similar to k2tog and ssk, you are purling two together including the wrap so one has to go through the front loop of the stitch and the other one through the back look of the stitch. It is better to pay attention to the way the stitches sit on the needles that way you will get it right next time.


I'll have to come back again and check your comments later - I also end up with one good side and one not-so-good side on the toes when I work a toe-up sock. Oh - I have the same issue with the short row heel, just so ya know. ;)


Your sock is looking great! The pattern and the yarn are very pretty. I admire your sock knitting skills - I have yet to successfully complete anything but a small practice sock. :)

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