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Friday, April 27, 2007



Yeah, the frog pond can be a very sad, discouraging place. I just did it to the beginning of my sock.

There is a certain amount of spinning that has to be chalked up to "practice". It is hard to accept.


Even tho the projects maybe didn't work out for you, the colors sure are pretty. Or at least that's the silver lining I'm going with. :)

Joanne Snyder

When you plied the big yellow taxi how did you keep the colors together? Did you navajo ply or 2 ply the yarn?

Joanne Snyder

When you plied the Big yellow taxi how did you keep the colors together? Did you navajo ply or is it a 2 ply?

Joanne Snyder

When you plied the Big yellow taxi how did you keep the colors together? Did you navajo ply or is it a 2 ply?


That colorway is still just as lovely though, I can't get enough of looking at it. I have some silk here that I'm getting ready to spin, and I'm thinking perhaps I should look into spinning it from the fold.

Wool Winder

Well, maybe the yarn you spun is not right for the shawl, but it's still pretty. You'll find a good use for it and fall in love with it in a different way.


I took a Sunday afternoon class with Sara on spinning silk. It was the last class of my first marathon conference. I thought it would be very stressful as I had never spun silk before (well, not more than a few yards), but I was never so relaxed! She had an article in Spin Off a few years ago about how to hold the fibers so your hand doesn't cramp up. Very helpful.


oh yes, it's been an awful week for frustration! but i'm back to the drawing board today too . . . thank heavens for socks that practically knit themselves!


We all have those days where nothing seems to make sense...or work...or swatch right...but those days pass. And surviving them only makes you stronger and wiser. :)

The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.
-Buddhist Proverb


Aww gosh. The silk blend looks so pretty to me. But I'll remember that tip when I spin silk - from the fold. I have some targhee/silk (just a small bit) and have been saving it until I have a little more experience under my belt. This is good information to tuck away.

I've found that putting a superwash sock through the dryer has tightened it up a tad but I wouldn't even think of doing that with homespun. No way. Good luck with the re-knit. The yarn came out SO nice with the striping. :)


Sometimes the lessons we learn from our mistakes lead to break throughs in our passions later on. Better to rip it out now then get them finished and realize you don't love them... I love your little bunny!!


Ah - I completely understand. I started 2 different sock patterns with your Elderberry Gold merino/bamboo sock yarn and ripped them both out because they didn't love the yarn - 3rd time is the charm, I hope. The pattern I'm using now seems to be harmonious with the yarn. *crosses fingers* The yarn holds up very nicely to being ripped back - what good manners it has!

I love what Margene said: "Some days are just for treading water." How true!


How frustrating. I hope the cleansing rains we're getting bring better luck for next week!


Must be in the air.. I had finished both fronts and the back of a cardigan, was attaching the button band, when I spied an enormous error in the first repeat of the pattern on the right front. rrrripppppp...
Good for you frogging those socks. too loose is just not fun.
The yarn is lovely, despite not being quite what you envisioned. Maybe it just needs to rest a bit in the stash shelf til it tells you what it wants to be (smile) and maybe yet another magical blend of colors will leap from your imagination as a result of this ????


Here's wishing you a wonderful, perfect weekend. :) After all that, you deserve it.

kathy b

Yes, the week is over and You survived! I don't even spin, so you amaze me anyhow.

good that your hands were busy anyhow.

Teresa C

See? You are more of a perfectionist than you think. And people make fun of me....


We think we've learned all the mistakes we can make with knitting (or spinning) or whatever...but we must always be humble enough to understand...some days are just for treading water. Enjoy your weekend!

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