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Saturday, April 21, 2007



It looks like it was a fun weekend, I wish I had made it up there! And isn't this weather great?!

Wool Winder

Love all of your pictures. Fiber festivals are so much fun. I've only been able to attend one small one, but hope to go to more in the future.

Mary Beth

I've been away - what fun to come back and see your last few posts! (Joni Mitchell being one of my favorite females of all time!)


i love the colorway too; i'm really impressed with how regularly it is striping!


Fantastic sheepy pictures!! Your sock is turning out really nicely, too.


The faces on the fiber animals are so sweet, so peaceful! The sock looks fabulous. You did a fine job of spinning that yarn.


The Big Yellow Taxi socks are amazing! I just finished some gorgeous roving from Anne and am now ready to start my CMR. I'm a little undecided about my spinning plan. Did you do anything special to get the colors to knit up that cool? I sorta remember you mentioning something about pulling off pieces of roving, but couldn't find anything on your or Teyani's blog. Maybe I just imagined it???


Your booth looked lovely! I'm glad you're having nice weather finally. :)


Such pretty photos - puts me right in the mood for festival season!


Who can resist sheep photos?

I'm looking forward to your sock update. I am knitting my own handspun sock right now and I'm a bit worried about the gauge. I'm hoping for some "bloom" but I think I may have overspun.

Teresa C

Oh! You are giving me second thoughts! I had a great day despite the fact that the only sheep involved were in shop windows in Portsmouth. I wasn't up for the drive this particular weekend. Sounds like the perfect day though. I hope it was not only beautiful, but a success as well.


wonderful photos - I love the initial one of the ram - a face you just want to smooch!
and those socks...... you rock girl. They look great. Looks like your spinning was absolutely perfect. :-) (wanna job spinning???? tee hee)
I hope that the fair was very successful for you, and that you sold out.
I know exactly what you mean about being pooped after a fair. It's a happy kind of exhaustion - isn't it(smile)


Awwww, they're so cute!


The sock looks fabulous, and it sounds like you had just a wonderful time!

Deb Woolley

Wow, did you get this post up fast! It was nice seeing you today---what a perfect day! And your booth looked great as usual.

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