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Thursday, April 12, 2007



I can't take much more of the snow.

The sock looks great. I just dyed up some merino/tencel and all I kept thinking was that it will be great for some of those Vintage Socks patterns. (I have the book, but haven't dived in yet.)


Oh, man! I'm sitting here "Me-Too!"-ing Carole and Marisol - you were wicked-clever to look for a pattern that would be compatible with the labor you'd already performed. I would have ripped out the entire cuff and started over. I'm definitely writing that one down...


I love the socks either way. I am a beginner sock maker. I have two pair under my belt but they are the same pattern. I have the third pair on the needles, again with the same pattern. I am working up the courage to try and new pattern from a book. I have done some spinning with the Merino/Tencel and it spins like a dream. It's very soft and was a pleasure to spin. Now if I could just get it small enough for a pair of socks...

I am so sorry about your weather. I saw on the news this evening that we are all getting a one/two punch. Winter's last harrah!


Oh no! More Snow! Hey not that I am wishing for snow or anything but we could sure use some of water in these parts... We have been warned that we are in a drout out here in California! They are telling us to watch our consumption or we will be rationed!

Hey isn't that cofee good? I had some this morning and already asked my DH to pick up another pound:)

The socks do look lovely --I like both patterns. That was pretty darn smart of you to look and find a pattern that you could just pick up and go from:)


Send us some of that snow! We really really really need the water now.

Do you not simply adore Nancy Bush patterns? I can't think of one I don't like!


Aren't you clever to keep the ribbed cuff! We have buckets of rain right now but now snow.

Marcia Cooke

I feel so bad for you guys in northern New England! It's bad enough down here in SW Connecticut, but we are warm enough at 35 degrees that it's not snowing. I'm sick of it...I can imagine how you northerners must feel about now! Watch...it'll go right to dead summer!


We're also expecting snow today. It's cold every where. At least we have knitting to entertain until it warms up a bit. The sock is beautiful!


All that snow is just a bad joke. And here we had the first tornado warning of '07 last night. The worst I got was hail though. A good time to be inside with the fiber and dogs. :)

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