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Monday, March 26, 2007



i vote for the first picture, absolutely.

oh, and i had fake nails for a while too. i eventually got used to them... but i wasn't knitting much then. i got back into knitting again, and realized it just WASNT going to work. i second the notion a few others have brought up... pedicure!! pedicures are god's way of making you feel like a woman again, no matter how crazy your life is :)


Williamsburg, VA??? That's in my neck of the woods! I like the picture of Chloe on the left. Love the little tilt of her head!


I had my nails done like that once. It was a mistake. I just wanted a normal manicure. Then I decided to give it a try. Too weird feeling though. Plus it seriously impeded my ability to type. *L*

Congratulations on losing ten pounds. That's a fantastic accomplishment. :D



the one on the left


I would use the one on the left - but crop it a bit.

Don't bother with the nails - go for a pedicure! I don't bother with my fingernails anymore but I LOVE a good pedicure and you can go with wild colors on your toes that you would never use on your nails.


I totally agree that it should be the one one the left! I love the look of her head cocked to the side!

Teresa C

I like the one on the right best, all except the hand. You'd have to photoshop that out. Sounds easy.......:)

I always discourage those nails. They do a number on your real nails, especially if you do them long term. I feel lucky that my nails repaired, but it took almost a year after my two hour acetone soak. Plus, I just hated the feel of them, never could get used to it. And the maintenance. UGH!


I'll go with the gang on this one.
I took my nails off several years ago and now have a natural manicure. My own nails don't grow long but they are mine;-)


They are both great!! I like the one on the bench better. I am takig Todd to obedience school!! It is very hard to be strict with these cute little babies!!


The one on the bench by all means! She looks adorable in that one:) More of a closeup too...


I'm comin' out of the woodwork for this one... lol. Definitely the one on the bench. God, she's a beauty. Can't wait to meet her in person! We'll be in your hood around May 23rd! We fly the 21st.


She is gorgeous!! My vote is for the photo with the bench! Aarrgghhh, on the nails. Ouch, that sounds painful!!


I've never had my nails done and now I probably never will. :)

Wool Winder

I love the background of the picture on the right, but the hand showing is a little distracting. I pick the one of Cleo on the bench.


the one on the left!!

oh my. I get my nails done every week. it's one of my only "girly" things... that and getting my hair "did" b/c of the gray. each and every week, my nails are a different shade of pink. and I love the way they look :)


I'd go with the picture on the left, I can see a hand in the picture on the right!

I suggest a pedicure (no fake nails) for your next treat! Congrats on losing 10!


The one on the left. Sorry about the nails. I think you can have them removed at the salon and it's an easier process.


The one on the left shows a depth of emotion IMHO. She is cute regardless! :)


I love the head tilt in the first pic. Cute!
Also, I got a bag o' bunny at spa and am spinning it now -- AWESOME! Thank you!


I too vote for the left one. Such a cutie!


Well, you don't really have a consensus here do you? Must mean they're both good. I vote for the one on the left -- what beautiful eyes that girl's got!


I love them both too!! What a beauty she is. I vote for the one on the rightif you can remove the hand. But the one on the left is equally great!


Both pictures are really great. I like the left one more.


Awwwwwwww!! Both are adorable. I vote for the photo on the left, because there's a hand in the photo on the right. But if you can edit it out, that one on the right would be my choice.

Marie in Maine

I vote for the one on the left. With the wood background. She is looking directly at the camera and has a great expression. I might crop the pic abit though.


"Mommy can we be all done please?" Too cute. I'd chose the photo on the left of Chloe. You can see both of her eyes more clearly and more of her body. The colors of her fur is also richer. Just my 2 cents worth.

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