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Friday, March 23, 2007



teyani is beautiful in person also :-)
ah the takers- bad karma.


Your spinning is wonderful, Kim. And I agree with your assessment of Crown Mountain Fiber. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. As a matter of fact, I think I'll head over there now. :)

Wool Winder

I have come across more givers than takers in Blogland. Everyone has been so helpful to me in my first efforts as a spinner. I doubt I would have even given it a try had it not been for encouraging people like you.


I am touched beyond words by your kindness.
It is my goal to be a "giver" and I am delighted that it comes through to you.
I will help in anyway that I can to assist you in the creation of your yarn, though I am, by far, not the most experienced of spinners or knitters.
I only know that I love what I do, and that my heart has been deeply touched by the friends I have made in blogland. there are so many, my life is blissfully full.
May your spinning be filled with joy, and your toes dancing to 60's tunes!


Good analysis of giver/taker aspects. I think there are more givers than takers in the fiber world, but I've met a number of the takers and understand exactly what you mean.

I just did my first by myself experiment with navajo plying - most of it came out pretty decently but I somehow managed to reverse my spinning direction about midway, which really messed up that segment of yarn. Fortunately, the nature of that mistake makes it obvious fairly quickly, though - ahem - I'm apparently slow to notice. LOL So I have a chunk of messed up yarn in the middle of my miniskein. Other than that, I'm pleased with this effort.


Thanks for the link. I never thought of leaving so much white in the roving. Thanks to all the "givers" we can keep learning new techniques.

Your wood moss is really enchanting me. I have ten pounds of roving set aside for spring break! It can't come soon enough.


Teyani "gets it" on so many levels -- even though I've never met her in person, her fabulous company seem to embody her spirit. I would never have learned to spin if it wasn't for all the wonderful givers. Your singles are lovely -- I'm sure you'll do a great job with plying!


Thankfully, I've met many more givers than takers and owed a huge debt to them. It would have taken me years to accumulate the knowledge on my own, and MANY pounds of wasted fiber! Teyani is one of the best sharers out there.


Hahaha - We are soooo much alike! I have Teyani's 3/12 entry bookmarked too. :) One of these days I'm going to buy the Heatwave roving and I want my socks to look just like those too.


I am by no means disagreeing with you, but for me it is not a matter of guarding secrets. It is more a matter of not being able to verbalize what I do and why. Sounds stupid, but for some (or at least me), teaching is beyond difficult. I always figure that you know what I know. Makes a great friend, but lousy teacher. Still, there are those who do not share for the reasons you gave and it seems so narrow-minded.


You are so talented. The sheen on that green yarn is georgous. Kim never doubt that you are one of the givers. :)


Ditto what the others say -- Teyani is definitely a giver. And her sock hop rovings are fabulous!


Teyani is indeed a giver and I treasure her friendship. (I treasure my friendship with you, too, by the way.) You will love spinning the CMF. I wish we lived closer, I would come over and help you with the Navajo plying.


Teyani has been very helpful while I learn to spin, too. Her roving is so beautiful and while I did fine with my first bump (made a 3 ply) I can't wait to do a better job with my new colorway, Spirit in the Sky. Your words are so true, Kim. It's because of 'givers' here in blogland that I have learned so much more than I could have by just spinning alone.

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