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Thursday, March 29, 2007



oh i have been wanting the big yellow taxi fiber sor a while and am kicking myself that i didn't buy it the last time i ordered. amd me too on the hippie paradeā€”a true child of the 60s!


I just found your site via Wool Windings. I cracked up when I read about your daughter discovering the music from our era. I have two grown sons who love that music. I have been listening to theirs and they listen to mine. We are comparing groups and talking about them all the time. My youngest son cracks up when he thinks about me listening to The Gorillas music.

The roving is really nice. I haven't done spinning in a while but seeing all that roving sure makes me want to. Now I just have to dust off the wheel and make myself do it.


Teyani's stuff is becoming as good (bad?) as bunnycrack. It is so much fun to spin. I got Ol Blue Eyes in pencil roving and I LOVE it.

Good luck to Cleo girl. Have fun, both of you!

The music burrowed into my head in those years, and it was so important. That's probably why it's still up there now.


Have a great time at the show and lots of luck to little Cleo! Pretty girl that she is!

What fun colors - very springy and as usual, your spinning looks lovely and even. I'll bet you love the finished yarn.

kathy b

Oh Good luck Cleo. Please take bunches of blog photos of KCC. I really am going to need your help someday for 2 pups at once. Or if you hear of a KCC that really needs a home: ie deaf or blind or minus anything, I'll take it. My great golden ret. breeder once had a pup without a usuable leg from amniotic band syndrome and we found her a great home.


Good luck,Cleo! She's so gorgeous I doubt she needs any luck but just the same...
I LOVE that song. I was just listening to it during my walk today!


Cleo's picture is adorable! Good luck and safe journey.

Your taxi is lucious! :)


Good luck this weekend! Big Yellow Taxi looks great - I think I need to order some roving!

Wool Winder

The roving is spinning up beautifully. I think you made the right choice on the photo. I looks great cropped.


Good luck this weekend. I too, can date my life with music. Touchpoints.


good luck and have fun at the show - that photo is wonderful.
How great that your daughter enjoys "our" music (big grin)
Your Big Yellow Taxi looks wonderful! Don't be afraid to give it quite a good twist. I normally spin mine, then let it sit a bit (like a few days to a week) then ply the heck out of it. This superwash just luvs to bloom big in its bath :-)

Diane E

Good Luck this weekend! That was my choice in photos too! Your shawl is as beautiful as the first!


Gee, that looks familiar!! Isn't it luscious??


I want to reach through my monitor and grab a ball of roving! Good luck to Cleo!

Teresa C

Hey! That is the pic that I liked. That is one adorable puppy!

Ack! I can't wait for my wheel to get here! Hopefully UPS isn't teasing when they say tomorrow.

Your daughter is beautiful. I love when the girls discover "my" music. Like it is all new or something. Gillian is a real disco freak right now. She is a 70s throw back if there ever was one. The other girls lean more to rock. It's fun.


Hahaha, I think that was MY first (and best) contest and it was a blast. I should do it again. ; ) My eldest had a big Janis Joplin poster on her bedroom door, and Bob Dylan on the wall when she was still in high school and Maddy, my baby, has a Beatles song for her ringtone. It makes me smile every time I hear her phone ring. The good stuff never gets old.


Teyani's fiber is wonderful - the names, the colors, everything. Spirit in the Sky is named for MY favorite oldie, you know. Have fun this weekend and GOOD LUCK!


Gorgeous!!!! Best of luck at the show!

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