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Friday, February 09, 2007



Hi. Just came upon your interesting site.
Mountain accidents sound all too familiar. We've been having too many out here on Mt.Hood, not far from where we live, in OR..
Best wishes for your son.
On another note....which carder did you decide on? That's how I came to your site..looking for electric carder info..


You've been skeining by niddy noddy all this time??? Glad to hear Brian's on the mend.


wow, what a nice friend!

you are right, it never feels good to realize you are being taken advantage of.

what a gorgeous couple, glad brian is doing well :-)


wow, what a nice friend!

you are right, it never feels good to realize you are being taken advantage of.

what a gorgeous couple, glad brian is doing well :-)

Mary Beth

Kim's next post = how to use a niddy noddy.

Go Brian!


Thank goodness! I don't understand it, but the man-unit says, "A man's got to do what a man's got to do."

Wool Winder

That skein winder will certainly speed things along. Looks like fun to use.


What a beautiful picture of your daughter and Brian. Glad to hear he is doing so well.

Gorgeous skeins, Kim. Your wrist is probably thanking your friend right now for that lovely skein winder.


So pleased for Brian, Kim. And what a lucky day for you to get such a wonderful gift...both ways!


Good to see he is getting back on the horse. Always an encouraging sign!

What a nifty winder. How does it work?


So glad for the updatee on Brian. Frostbite is painful- it's interesting as one doesn't think of one's back getting frost bitten, but mostly hands, feet, noses and ears.

Beautiful yarn and skein winder!


what a beautiful skein winder! enjoy :o)

Teresa C

What an adorable couple! Glad to hear that Brian is doing well, and looking forward to hiking again. Koflax boots are the ones that Pete owns. He loves them. He hikes with a friend that keeps saying "I should get those", now maybe he can be convinced. I hope.

We won't be making it up this weekend. Such a bummer, I'd have loved to have hot chocolate and cheer you up a bit. Hope you can make the work thing better.

The yarns are sooo pretty! I think you can guess which one strikes my fancy. Hope there is some left by the time I get to you.


Your yarn is gorgeous! And so are your daughter and Brian. It's a wonderful picture.


Such a beautiful couple. Love your yarn and can't believe you've been winding on a niddy noddy all this time. Not that there's anything wrong with that ... :)


Thanks for sharing the update on Brian - that's a great photo. And the skein winder is beautiful. Is it a gift or a loan?


Great to see and know that Brian is doing well. Hope he continues to improve. Love your new skein winder. You will now be a speedy woolee winder! Great colors in those skeins.


Thanks for the update on Brian. He will have pain from frost bite for a long, long time...especially when it's cold.
Your yarn looks fabulous! Wish I could be at SPA. Tell everyone hello!


What a wonderful picture of Brian and your daughter! Especially because you have the opportunity to take it.

See you at Spa!

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