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Friday, February 23, 2007


Tom Livernois

My name is Tom Livernois. I am currently working with Magnus Drudik to continue the tradition of his magnificent wheels. In the near future I will have wheels available built to Magnus's exacting specifications. Feel free to contact me if anyone is still interested in one of these truly incredible wheels.

Angela Little

How do you get a Magnus Drudik wheel. I have requested to be put on a list, but no answer. I NEED ONE!!!

Thank you,

Madame Purl

Oh my the Alden Amos. I have been thinking to myself - should I get on the list? I figure by the time it's ready I will have the money saved. I've heard it spins like a dream.


I love your "rotating wheel inventory". It cracks me up.

My boss, a motorcycle racer who has no less than 30 motorcycles, can't understand why I would need more than one spinning wheel. Ha!


I think you are confused. You seem perfectly healthy to me. Spinners are supposed to have more than one wheel.


Hey, what about a Magnus Drudik? I have a myrtlewood one and it is incredible!!!!I got on his waiting list in 1993 and it arrived in 1999 and was a year early!

Once you get your second wheel, they just seem to multiply.


hahahah! Seems like you ought to consider being a lendrum dealer.


i'm with marcy :-)

Wool Winder

I can understand your sickness. Wheels are functional works of art. The wood, the beauty, the usefulness--how could you resist?


haha You girls. All sooo so so so funny. My sickness is that I want to visit you all and use your wheels. Carole! Margene! Cara! Kim! hehe Yes, all of you. Every one. If you only knew how much, you'd be afraid. Very afraid. And you'd be saying that I'm sick! lol

But no really... I'm going to have to take a survey soon to find out what everyone has and what they wish they had and WHY! I only need one wheel, right? RIGHT!? Just gotta shop around to find just the right one. :)


Honey, how many people have a TV in every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom(s)? Wheels are much more practical, pleasing to the eye, and productive. Also, they require no electricity, thus saving the planet.

I love the pictures - wheels in front of hearth... beautiful country home stuff.


Dude. Since I started up with the spinning again, I have been dreaming about the Walnut Lendrum Saxony I spun with once. That thing was like butter! Best wheel I've ever spun on. I may want off that Robin list. But not yet. Craziness!!! (But the good kind!)


Yeah, it's a sickness, but it could be so much worse!!


I've mentioned that one-wheel-per-room idea to my husband on several occasions. Although he's strongly in favor of an email/Web terminal in the bathroom (oy!), he doesn't see the need for multiple wheels. :)

Mary Ellen Dadds

Ive calmed down ,mainly because i have no money.But i have 3 very nice wheels.
I have this fantasy of having a Quebec wheel
from the Merlin Tree one day.
I dont do spinning for sale so its not necessary ,just lust.
Thought i understood he is no longer making them?
Mary Ellen


I think you put it best: There is sickness, and then there is "over the top" sickness. Just a matter of perspective really. I think it's just sensible. What if everyone quit making wheels? Then you'd have plenty. ;)


Lovely collection. You know the mantra: the AA was just not meant to be.

How does your big Lendrum spin? Hmmmmmm??


Only one wheel per room????? Whyever for?

And as to some kind of program for wheel sluts like you and me, Kim? Why would we want a program? We looooove our wheels.

I won't describe in a public forum what happened to me the first time I spun on the big Lendrum. It was in public at a sheep and wool, and it caused me to blush terribly.


I'm satisfied with four wheels, but now I'm hearing the siren call of a third sewing machine. (That's another story.) My dad is 75 and he has four motorcycles, down from five. He likes to say, "You can never own too many motorcycles. You can have more than you can afford, and you can have more than you have time to ride, but you can never have too many." Spinning wheels are the same way.


We need a 12-step program. I'm back down to four, three of which are Kromskis, but have my eye on the Majacraft Alpaca wheel which, fortunately, no one seems to carry. Gorgeous stable of wheels, Kim!


I'm really glad I resisted trying Marcy's wheel.


Smith has no idea what he's in for. I'm already thinking about my next two wheels;-)

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