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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Cindy D

The proof is in the eating!!!! Happy Belated V Day!


Awwww. Your mini-cakes looked great to me. Like you, I try to keep up with the latest baked goods via my favorite programs (not Martha for me, but Rachel Ray), and even though I'm not nearly as talented in the kitchen, I do try. So far, my hubby and kid's haven't complained ... and anything that drops on the floor ... the dogs seem to adore. rotfl! ;D This week I've been so pre-occupied with watching Westminster, that I even TiVo'd it, and now when I'm on the treadmill, I can watch it while I jog a bit. ;D It sounds like you had a wonderful and cozy Valentine's day at home with your family ... and that is just what we did as well. To me, that is the best way to spend special days. *Hugs* :)

kathy b

I would have eaten them! They look darling. Canned frosting is the way to go. I agree. I need a King Charles fix. How about a post of them. Any pups this year?

Diane E.

Snow ***day here too. I've actually met Martha and she was great!, very down to earth. She was reporting on fibers and their care way before this knitting resurgance took off. She likes to throw "stuff" out there, for you to get inspired and make it your own. Who says'"It's the process"? Yummm!


At least you tried! I'm NOT Martha to the point I wouldn't even dip my fingers into batter. I'm sure they were worth the effort.

Wool Winder

Next time use canned frosting. It's easy, tastes good and is probably cheaper than three sticks of butter.

Mary Beth

Snow days around here are so NOT martha too! We had similar looking pink heart cookies...they tasted fine though!


well, they sure look good enough to eat! Mmmmmmmmm.


Those cakes would have been a welcome treat here at our house - I asked Martha to move out years ago. I think that "Kat's Style" works much better in our humble home. It is not always picked up, but there is always lots of laughter and fun. I would love to see the yarn you are dying - this is something I would LOVE to learn! My pup's are not liking this snow either - but, we are supposed to get a warm up next week! Yeah!!!


I bet the cakes were better than you think. And the point is that you took the time and made them for your fambly.


Your cakes are what happens to people who aspire to be Martha Stewart now and then but who lack a staff.

Ever since I saw MS giving a lesson on how to fold sheets (handy, yes) and then how to make them look nice in the linen closet (by gently ironing the tops after they are stacked and folded!), I have realized that she is not like the rest of us.

YOUR cakes were Made With Love. At least that's the story I'd go with. Yum.

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