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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



Kim, Wow...I saw this story on the news and can't believe it was your daughter's boyfriend. Thank God he is ok. What a wonderful ending to a very scary couple of days. I'm sure you all are shaken up. Beautiful photos.....


amazing. you hear about incidents, but to have 'gone through' I'm sure was extremely scary. These search and rescue people are really great!

jim cully

Wow I saw this on the news!Thank God he was found safe.......


Thank goodness all is well. What a smart and clever man you will have.


I am so glad he is okay. take care


Wonderful news!!!!


I can not even imagine going through an ordeal like that. I am so happy for all of you that everything turned out so wonderfully!


I cannot even imagie what all of you were going through. I am glad to hear that he is okay! Wow, what an ordeal!


What a miracle! I'm glad he's okay and safe.



thank god! you must have been out of your mind with worry.


Oh, thank GOODNESS. I was so relieved when Carole emailed me last night to tell me. This is the first chance I had to acknowledge it. Now, be sure to take care of yourself and your daughter. After that outpouring of adrenaline from the worry, you might both come down with something. Extra doses of Vitamin C and maybe echinacea. XO


I was soooooo happy to hear he was okay. I'm sure it was an awful experience for him, but probably equally bad (in a different way) for your daughter and your family. Glad this one had a good ending.


I'm so glad to hear they found him safe and (reasonably) well!


Thank goodness, what a scare! Somebody needs to develop some device or product that helps locate these folks who go missing on cold mountains. I cannot imagine the terror of that kind of cold - you know there is a point at which wool is simply not enough.


Oh my! I am so glad that this had a happy ending.


I read about Brian on Carole's blog yesterday and was thinking about him all morning until she told me he'd been found. Thank heaven indeed. Does he have a blog? I'd love to read his firsthand account, if he'd care to tell it.

Mary Ellen Dadds

I just read this.Had no idea it was happening.
But i am so so so glad he has been found and is safe and alive.
When i remember those other young men a month or so back who were not so fortunate.
Thank God for this happy ending.
Mary Ellen


I'm am so so glad this had a happy ending! YAY!!!!

Diane E.

We've spent several autumn, winter, and spring days hiking in the area and know first hand how the weather can change. Yay for Brian!


Shew! I'm so glad he was experienced.

Diane E.

Glad to hear the happy ending. Incredible story of survival!

Mary Beth

What a relief! You must all be floating on a cloud! Great job to all the search and rescue, and to Brian for using his brains and skills to survive.


We had been following this story on the local news and heard early this morning that Brian had been found and was ok. We are so happy for all of you. Thank God for the good people who helped with the rescue in any way.

Wool Winder

I am thrilled to learn he was found safe and sound!


So glad to hear the rescue was a success. Faculty members at our school (Bridgton Academy in Maine) were discussing the rescue this morning. Living so close to the area and my family is from Littleton, NH so I know the area well. It gets quite treacherous around those parts in the winter. I'm so happy there is a happy ending... good news was well received in Bridgton, ME. (We needed good news after two of our students died last week in a car crash!)


I was SO relieved yesterday to learn that Brian has been located. Wishing him (and all of you) a speedy recovery.


So glad to hear the happy ending.


Golly, so glad he was found and will be ok..what a scare for everyone!


I imagine the rush of happy emotion and relief must have been about as strong as those winds on the mountain. I am very glad his adventure turned out so well in the end.


What a frightening experience for your family to have to go through! I'm glad to hear that he was found safe and in good health.


Search and rescue people are amazing and give time and effort to the max when needed. How wonderful he had the right equipment and was found safe and sound. You must have been on pins and needles.


Thank heavens he's going to be OK. I've been thinking about this since first reading about it.


You're Welcome Kim. It's the least we could all do. So very glad everything turned out so well. Many hugs.


I'm so glad he was found and that he'll be fine. Thank goodness for his training!


Thank God. I can't imagine how scared everyone must have been.
My grandfather was a Fish and Game Warden for NH for years. When I was a little girl and lived with them, we were in the Fish and Game house in Ossipee. You've probably driven right by it a bunch of times. I have great memories there and always smile when I drive by it on the way to see them.


You're welcome. I was honored that you contacted me and asked me to spread the word. The community we have built here is amazing and loads of people that don't even know Brian were praying for him yesterday - what an incredible thing! I'm just so relieved that he's okay. Hugs to you, my friend.


Oh, I'm so glad he is okay. I read on Carole's blog that he had been found, but it's good to hear a bit more from you. How amazing that he stayed so level headed!
Hope you get some time to relax & recover.

Lizzy B

I'm so glad he'll be all right. I've been thinking about you and your family ever since I read the Post on Carole's blog.

It's a blessing to have him safe and sound.

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