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Sunday, January 28, 2007



All of your knits are beautiful Kim! And I'm so tempted to get some of your rovings. So pretty and fluffy. :)

Thank Heaven above for Brian's safe return. I first read about it on Carole's blog and saw a blurb about him with video on the Weather Channel! I said OH MY GOSH! I KNOW HIM! heh


I knew it was hypotenuse the moment I saw the photo! It looks great!


oh your hypoteneuse looks awesome!! and your mountains . . . sigh!

Holly Burnham

Your vest is a wonderful color.

Do 15 minutes on the sock....that's all 15 minutes. Another day you'll do 15 more and before you know it.....sock fini!


I'm so homesick it's not even funny. Beautiful. I can't wait to show my boys all the places my dad took me as a little girl. I only wish the Old Man on the Mountain was still there.


What a fantastic picture of the mountains!
I love that Hypotenuse pattern, I have to remember to make it soon. I was surprised by how lightweight the Silky Wool is, the fabric it makes feels light as air.


Oh... your photos of the mountains make me weep... Dan says my blood pressure "visibly" drops when I cross over Exit 3 on Rt. 93 heading North. I think it's because I finally feel at "home". Now, if I can just get the company to move us up there....

Wool Winder

The silky wool looks like something I'd enjoy knitting with. Nice texture. I think I need to get some.


I love the start of your hypoteneuse -- that's on my list too!


Didn't realize it was going to be turning blustery there. Can't believe you are getting such clear shots of the peak.


Gorgeous picture of Mount Washington..makes me want to take a ride up there. Hope you had fun today. I have been wanting to try the Silky Wool..looks so soft.


Lucy from Mind's Eye Yarn dyes merino/ tencel sock yarn. She'd be a good resource and is very receptive to questions/ help.

Your Hypotenuse looks lovely. Nice and drapey.


The sock yarn looks beautiful - looks like you figured out the problem. And wow, that landscape is gorgeous!

Meg in North AL

I haven't tried the fiber reactive dyes yet, but when I bought some merino/tencel from Ellen of Ellen's Half Pint Farm, she told me that dyeing deep shades works best with this blend. I used a stronger dye ratio and was happy with the results. What I like about it is that the tencel makes the colors shimmer.


I love the silky wool too.. It's a great weight for the weather around here most of the time.

What a lovely view -- have fun outside.


Don't you love Hypotenuse? And that's the same yarn I used, too. Can't wait to see the cabled vest!

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