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Monday, January 08, 2007



I've been in uncluttering mode lately as well. It does feel good to get rid of things that have outlived their usefulness, eh? Or to surround oneself with things that better represent who we are NOW.


I love the banner!! Very clean looking. I also like the neutral background colors. Really sets off the banner. Please send snow to Southside Virginia!

Mary Ellen Dadds

I love your Banner.And the picture of the cute bunny.
I didnt think id like a new look here.
But its nice.
Mary Ellen


Hmm, I wish I had seen your site prior to changes - but it looks very nice! I love the bunny picture! :-)


I love the banner across the top!


I ABSOLUTELY love your new look! I can't believe the weather back east! I love photos of snow and bare branches!

julia fc

Oh the bunny!
Hey! Why did you get snow and we didn't? Where's my freakin' winter, eh?


What I beautiful bunny! I like this format -- looks great.

Mary Beth

Wow! What'd you do to the place? It is so calming...I love the banner and the colors. It looks perfect as it is!


I love the new banner, but I especially love the snow and that gorgeous bunny!! :)


Thank you for showing us pictures of snow, since we haven't been able to experience it first hand this year. And bunny pictures, too! We have a bunny but, alas, I think her fur is too short to spin (at least for a spinner of my limited experience).
I love the look of your blog. I especially look forward to your pictures, both of nature and knitting.


I love the new blog header! Everything is looking great, good changes!

I wanted to get rid of some more stuff over the weekend too (last weekend was clothes, next up is the shoe closet and the bathroom closet) but the weather was so incredible that I couldn't stay inside!


Very pretty new look! All your talk of that great vest is making me think I'd like a vest too. Wonder if I'd wear one?

Diane E.

Love the new banner, esp. the font. It's fun to tinker with the possibilities. I'm due for an updating but hesitate since I never was able to successfully upload buttons. Nice snow!


That new banner so fits you! I hope the vests do too.

Teresa C

I love the new banner! Who did you get it from, I'd love to have someone do one for me. I'm a computer illiterate.

Oh, and thanks for getting my wee little hopes up with a picture of snow. How's the hiking up there?

Wool Winder

I love the new look! Makes me want to do something new to my blog, though I have no idea how to add a custom banner in Blogger.


I always forget you have bunnies, which is so funny considering the name of your blog. lol.


The new blog look and header are perfect! Nice work. Doesn't it feel good to unload 'stuff'. It's feeling I enjoy so much! Good work.


Rain, rain, go away . . .
So, on the vest fronts - are you knitting both at once? Or did you do them separately?

kathy b

I love your new blog look. Very pretty. Very warm. You can have that snow this year.


I love that feeling, tossing big piles of stuff. It's funny how hard it is to do most times, and how simple and freeing it is when you're in the right mood.

Your snow is lovely. (None of it here. In Canada. In January.)

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