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Monday, December 18, 2006


Mary E.Dadds

Im so sorry about the little girl.
The sock is lovely.I love the white or is that creme colored heel.
Mary Ellen

Cindy D

Kim...those chocolate crackle cookies great!!! BTW...congratulations you won the luck of of the drawer. Check out my blog!!


I knit the first stitch on the new needle as normal - I'm a fairly tight knitter - then pull the second stitch as tight as possible. For some reason (probably that pesky physics) it works for me. The only socks I've made where the ladders persisted after a good bath were made of 100% cotton. I don't make socks out of 100% cotton any more ;).


You bake beautiful cookies just like you knit beautiful projects ... my prayers are with your little friend. Merry Christmas and thank you for the gift of your lovely blog!


I think the sock is great. I am not a fast knitter either. I am amazed at the people who are!! I have to bake my cookies this week. Those chocolate cookies look great!!


I don't see any ladders -- just a warm and lovingly knit sock. And those cookies looks so yummy.

Mary Beth

I don't see any ladders. Really, I think the knitter is the one that really sees them - the rest of the world is blind to them!

Prayers for Morgan and her family!


The sock is looking great, and so do the cookies!! Got my package today, thanks!!!! Both the fluff balls and the sock yarn look even better in person!

Wool Winder

It is so hard to see children suffering. Praying for Morgan and her family.


Those cookies look wonderful, I'm drooling. The sock looks good too - gorgeous color and I think the ladders will work out when blocked.


Same here! I get those ladders & extra holes at the heel (short row).One day I might try socks again.

The cookies look delicious but I'm so not going to that site. This body was built by cookies!


All you have to do is look at the picture of her and Izzy to know what a great decision it was to let them be best friends.


Thoughts of the little ones struggling through such a horrible illness keeps us humble and thankful. May her Morgan and her family find peace through the Holiday season and always.

Ladders are a part of knitting socks. They don't really cause any problems and don't show up that much in the all of it. Acceptance of what is, is a good thing to learn;-)


I get ladders on my socks when I use dpns. That's why I switched to Magic Loop - no ladders. And I know, I know, I still haven't shown you the technique. SPA?
Love the holiday card and prayers for Morgan are now underway.
And thanks for the link for the chocolate crackles. I've been searching for a new chocolate cookie recipe this year and these are perfect!


DH's friend is also battling cancer and we really don't expect him to survive more than a couple months (maybe not even that long). His fight, as with most cancer battles, is awful. My heart goes out to Morgan, her mom and family.

Thanks for p osting that Merry Christmas link. It's great fun!!

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