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Sunday, December 03, 2006



That's all Greek to me Kim, but I can tell that the weaving is GORGEOUS. Lovely work -- I didn't really know the depth involved in weaving.


the first time i warped my loom (after 20+ years) ended at about 3a.m. with me sobbing hysterically....


I can't help you with the loom stuff but for the walking of a big strong dog I have this. Sometimes when I want to walk and not worry about being pulled around and having to keep on top of the dog for training sake I use a head collar. They make a few different types. The Gentle Leader or the Halti are the two most common. They will give you a leverage advantage since the dog has to use different muscles to pull against them. (dogs are also 4 wheel drive and have a lower center of gravity) They are simliar to halters on horses. The great thing about them too is that you don't need to use them every time or forever. Just when you want some extra control or to train not to pull without losing your elbow or shoulder in the process. I hope that helps! Marie in Maine (aka Akitamom2@aol.com)


Aha! I was right, it is looking amazing! I just love that color combination. I keep meaning to get over to Harrisville myself but I've still never been.


Your work is so extraordinary ... and it is a good thing that you know so much about looms so you can work out the kinks in this one. It is always a special pleasure to visit your site ... such beautiful projects.


The FO looks like it will be worth it. Going to the source sounds like a good idea. Guy units don't always modify well.


Good luck with getting the loom to work. I really like that pattern with the pinwheels so far!!!!


Love the pinwheels - sorry for the loose ends. How cool that you can just drive down to York. I love my 40" Macomber. Is this little one a table loom?

Meg in AL

The weaving is lovely -- hope it becomes less of a struggle. Thanks for the blast from the past! My kids loved Pinwheel too. Now, of course, I have the theme song stuck in my head!


I know nothing about looms so I can't offer advice. I do want to say that I'm sorry you're struggling. And also, that I think the weaving is really pretty.


The pinwheels are really cute - they certainly seem worth the effort.


It is too bad it's such a struggle - the results are lovely. I can't imagine putting that much effort into making towels....

Wool Winder

Good luck in working out the kinks in this loom. I really love the towels you are making!

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