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Friday, December 22, 2006


Mary E.Dadds

Hope your Christmas was wonderful.
when did you learn Basket weaving?Can you give some suggestions how to get started?Ive wanted to learn for some time.
Mary Ellen


I think that's a good part of the reason why I have close to 30 projects "on the needles"... 25 of them are ones that are really stalled... in most cases, because something happened that I have to stop and fix in order to continue. I'm going to have to focus on getting them back to ready-to-just-pick-up-and-work-on condition.

Diane E.

Maybe it could be a sock basket. Hmmm, Very festive in any case, nice weaving! Merry Christmas Kim!


I love that sock and the basket. :D

Would it be wrong of me to say keep the socks and start soething new for him that will be done after the holiday? ;)



It makes perfect sense to me that you would remedy the sock problem by weaving a basket. I would have baked something, myself, but whatever helps. :-)


The basket is lovey. Sorry to hear you have to frog the socks. We are heading off to Chambersburg tomorrow morning. Can't wait to visit the Yarn Basket. Merry Christmas to you Kim!


You crack me up!! Love the basket!! Hey, we may be getting a cavalier puppy!!


There you go again... now I want to go out in the garage and dig out all my old reed and tools and start weaving again. Too cold to go digging out there though! We just might have snow for Christmas. The socks look great. At least that's an easy fix. It would have been worse if they were too small around.


You are THE best! Love that attitude!


You crack me up. Hopefully you're only ripping back to the foot and making it longer. Love the basket.

Mary Beth

I hope he likes baskets.

Merry Christmas!

Wool Winder

A woman of many talents can't focus all her time on just one project. The basket turned out great!


I love the way the yarn has subtle color variations. :) Cool basket!!


Which is why, it is always a merrier Christmas for me when I don't knit socks for Christmas gifts! They are lovely, however, Kim.
Cute puppy photo...is it your Christmas card for this year?


But can you make one underwater?


I'm a bit worried about Smith's socks fitting, too. The basket is wonderful! I tried to weave baskets a few years ago and found it fun but the suppliesl dried up. Your basket looks festive with the red trim. Merry Christmas, KIM!

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