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Thursday, December 14, 2006



When you make wet felted mittens, how much larger than your hand do you make the resist? Do you think Coopworth would be a good wool to use? I took a workshop at a local spin-in and made a little purse, and now I'm dying to try to make mittens. I remember the ones you made last winter, and they were gorgeous. Thanks for any pointers you can give me---


Start over. Socks that are too big are yucky!

Mary Ellen Dadds

That red yarn is exquisit.
I hope i spelled that right.
Anyway its Sat.already so you ve done what your going to do about the socks.But i was going to say you should start over your not too far yet.
Mary Ellen


I've made two pairs of them, one using Paton's Kroy and one using Heirloom Argyle (both are definitely a bit heftier than your yarn). But more importantly, I used 2.25mm/US1 needles, and I know the Knitpicks 1's are 2.5mm. With fine sock yarn, that could make a difference. (Sorry if I'm the bearer of bad tidings.)


Sorry, I can't help - I haven't knitted those, yet. But the red yarn is marvelous!


Gorgeous reds in that skein- will you dye some more in that color to sell? I'd buy it. Just sayin' :-) Sounds like you've gotten all the wonderful advice you need.


Start over. You aren't too far along for it to be more than uncomfortable (rather than painful). Or you could decrease after the cuff....

Teresa C

Well then, everyone else has already said it, haven't they? I rarely start a sock that I don't start over.

Mary Beth

Hold them up to some socks that fit him as a last resort before ripping?


I am thinking they are different sizes--you know, metric wise. The color is beautiful :)

Diane E.

I don't have those needles but I have learned, after knitting several pairs of socks too loosely, to choose the sugger fit.
Nice walk pics yesterday!


yup the knitpicks are 2.5mm...which in most US sizing is closer to a 2 than a 1 (usually 2.25mm)...i've learned the same lesson the hard way and have started going not by US sizing but by the mm, which most patterns include...conspiricy to get knitters to go metric? ;-)

in the "for what it's worth department":
knitpicks' 0=2.0mm

if i remember right these are the same as (or close to) addis' sizes, but not the same as brittneys or many bamboos


I resemble that problem, heheheheh. Learned the hard way that KnitPicks sz 1's are bigger than all my other sz 1's (Susan Bates, Boye, bamboo). Tink tink tink. Come to find out, ahem, a .25mm difference from one sock to the second one is disastrous. :)


I've got some of those metal KP DPNs but haven't tried them yet. Wonder what the mm measurement is on their 0s?


Listen to that voice in your head. Start over now before you go any further.


Size 1 needles can actually be different sizes. I am knitting socks from that same book right now and the pattern calls for size 1 (2.5mm). But the needles I'm using are size 1 2.25 mm instead. I didn't even notice at first that they weren't the same exact size but I like the fabric and I think if I went up at all, even that .25 mm it would be too loose for my liking. So even though it calls for the 2.5, I think the 2.25 is better. So maybe the knitpicks is 2.5 and your wooden ones are 2.25?? My 2.25 size 1s are Brittanys. Personally, I like the slightly smaller ones and would switch :)

Wool Winder

It might be better to start over. Listen to your inner knitter.


I have not knit that particular pattern but I am on pair #4 of the ribbed socks from Vintage Socks. I have used needles US #0 and the gauge is right on track. Now your yarn might be a bit thicker than what I am using: Opal and Sockotta. I would swatch and reknit till happy with the result. Needles do vary in size even though labeled the same they are not all equal.

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