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Thursday, December 28, 2006



So sorry to hear about the troubles with the girls - I can't imagine breeding animals and having to part with them - Ii'm not strong enough. And the fender bender? I'm so glad to hear you're all right. But it doesn't sound like a happy day at all. Hope tomorrow is better!


Yeah, I've been letting my new puppy play with the other male dog, but really try to keep him off my old girl. I'm afraid she'll just haul off and give it to him good. So far she's been very patient, but still, she could.

And I've felt challenged with three. Can't imagine handling four or six dogs - yet....

Wool Winder

Maybe you spoke too soon when you said this Christmas was the most relaxing in years. Sounds like all the chaos got saved up for this one day. Glad you were not hurt in the fender bender.


Ugghh... Glad that you are not hurt, though. And let's face it - it can only get better from here!


Hugs!! Those days when lots piles up certainly suck. How heartbreaking for you about the dogs. We had some dominance fights here resulting in several bloody ears as well as a slashed leg requiring a trip to the emergency vet for stapling, so I know how serious those issues can be. I wish they had worked it out for you and hope today is better.


Yikes! Glad you're ok.


The only good thing is that today will HAVE to be better, right? Can't get much worse.....


That day sucks. SUCKS. The good news is that the other driver is at fault, and all you are out is hassle rather than $$.


Awww... Kim, I'm so sorry! I can't believe you have to say goodbye to Kali! I was so looking forward to meeting her. That just sucks, Kim. I feel horrible.


Yikes - what a day. Tomorrow has to be better!


Oh you poor thing. I don't like seed stitch because it takes me forever and I avoid it at all cost. It looks pretty though :) You're brave!


Girl dogs (you and I how they are called, but I don't want to get in trouble) are dominant and will not put up with anything if you happen to have two alphas. I have 6 dogs and THREE packs! The setter is by herself, she is not a fighter but there are two little ones (yorkies) that are alphas. They HAVE attacked the setter. I don't think she would ever do anything intentionally but she can just paw and brake their backs. One of the alphas lives with the other two girls, not a problem. The real alpha one lives with the only male. They are all in the house, is separate areas. We are very careful and never ever let them together in the same place. Not after the last fight that ended in an injured eye (not bad thankfully) and a very well bitten ME. It does brake your heart to have to separate them. But you found out the hard way that dog fights are not pretty or easy to end. Never pull or tug. Grab the closest one by the hind legs so she looses her balance and lets go of the grip. Then as fast as you can, pick her up! and let them both know who is the alpha.


Boy, I'm glad my second dog is a boy. But then again my female Rosie is spayed and not an alpha. I'm sorry you'll have to place Kali. That must be hard, though necessary. Glad you weren't hurt in the fender bender. May tomorrow bring better things with it.


Geeeez, Kim. Isn't it fascinating that dogs are apparently just like people -- there is sometimes no rhyme or reason why two people just canNOT hit it off...apparently it's the same with canines.


Ugh. Sorry your day was crappy - I hope tomorrow is FANTASTIC!


what a rotten day! i hate dogfights.


Oh boy. You did have a doozy of a day, poor dear.


That's awful news, Kim. Give me two scuffling boys over two scuffling girls any day. :(


What a day! So glad that you are okay.

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