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Thursday, November 30, 2006



I don't usually knit for other people, but recently I've been finishing a hat here or a shawl there and understanding who they were for after the fact. And wrapping someone else in your work and time and love is...really good. It makes me feel...light.

Sometimes it is very hard indeed to let go, but the rewards are remarkable.

Thank you.


What a wonderful perspective! You make the world a better place.

Wool Winder

Thanks for reminding us that generousity really makes a difference in the lives of people: a difference for those that receive kindness as well as a difference for those that give.


Excellent, Kim. And such timing. I guess these thoughts are on all our minds these days.


A very moving post, Kim. Heartfelt and ... well, right. We who are fortunate enough are obligated to others who are not. Thanks for the reminder.



What's that? Oh, nothing. Just a little something in my eye.


Indeed. I gave a homeless kid the spare blankets from my van and some pocket change yesterday, after he told me he was spending the cold night on wet blankets in a field.

It made me feel a lot better about even having my van with the paint peeling off it. At least it's running after $700 in repairs last week and it's paid for, and I could sleep in it if I had to! Not that I couldn't afford a nicer car, but I prefer to spend for gifts for others and a few nice things for myself, rather than look cool driving around. Besides, it's the cheapest thing to insure my kids on...

Wish I could do more for people, but sometimes, you have to just give people what they need right then.


Thank you so much for this beautiful post -- it's important to be reminded every once and a while stop and think about what giving can mean. :)


Wonderful post Kim. It's amazing how much we take for granted in life. Giving fom the heart is always the way to go. Thanks for reminding me what this season is truly all about.

Mary Beth

Wow. What a contrast between your thoughtful post and the morning I had running around trying to get Christmas shopping done. Thanks so much for the reminder of what the season is all about!

Mary Ellen Dadds

My goodness Kim.
Lookat where you are now and where youve been.Boy that stoped me in my ungrateful tracks.
Mary Ellen


NICE post - and how nice it is that you are in a position to be able to make the choice to be a giver this year. It always comes around in spades. :)


A gift given in love brings many smiles and joyful hearts. :-) When I walk either of our dogs and want my hands free for picture taking I use a rope and tie it around my middle. You might like to try it if these walks are leisurely walks and not training sessions.

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