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Monday, November 20, 2006



Excellent post, because it really got me thinking about my spinning. The Dao Ming quote at the top was perfect. And the horses? I cried. I so want a horse.


OMG I have goosebumps all over after watching that video! Thank you for such an inspiring feature!

Mary Ellen Dadds

You can make enough yarn from a spindle for
a nice little scarf.
When you wash the yarn from spindle spon
or wheel for that matter(Im sure you know this)And set the twist.Hanging it with a slight weight it is better.
I thought i read somewhere that it takes more twists for spinning spindle spon yarn.
It looks fine.I tend to use my wheel more too though.
Mary Ellen

Mary Beth

I don't even spin and I was hanging on every word. It is so fascinating to me. Why is this such a great post? Cuz there is tons of information, but you share what it all means to you. Thanks for that!


I don't have enough spindle-spun singles to ply yet, but your kinky yarn in that top photo looks a lot like some of my earliest wheel spun&plied yarns. Maybe that's just part of the natural progression of learning to spin and the wheel and spindle are different enough to have to go through it on both?

BTW, I just did the 'what flower are you' thing on your sidebar and I'm a Snapdragon. Just so ya know. ;)


Over-twisting is easy to do on a spindle as you want the yarn to 'look' right. I have had good success taking a bit of the twist out and washing it helps enormously. I'm still playing on both the spindle and wheel and we'll I'm still better at spindle spinning (and plying) I see the difference you explain very clearly.


I struggle with plied yarns that are spindle-spun too - why is that? I don't feel like I'm overtwisting them, but they come out so kinked up, I'd rather just work with them as singles. I never have that problem with wheel-spun fibers tho!


Interesting - I spindle spun for a few years before I got a wheel, but I think I feel the same way as you do. Wheels are for projects and spindles are for playing (and I'm also not so good at plying on them). Interesting to hear your thoughts on this - thanks Kim!

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