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Wednesday, November 15, 2006



I enjoyed walking the Conway Scenic RR yard with you and Cleo through your blog. Although I work here every day it's nice to see it through the eyes and camera of another person!


what a beautiful blog you have here and your knitting is wonderful, glad I stopped by.



I likes me sum purty piktures. But us back woods folk don't got much book learnin so we don't like lots of words gettin us all confused-like.


Your photography is outstanding and the photos of town make me want to visit! You are so dedicated to your dogs- that is awesome. I have a young yorkie whom I love dearly but I am having some training issues with... my first dog... so I like reading your dog tips.

Wool Winder

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. I, for one, enjoy the photos. You're a talented photographer and blogger.


Don't change a single, solitary thing. I love your walks just the way you take 'em.


Keep the pictures coming!! I love walking with you and the dogs!!


Hmmm, I've always preferred blogs that have more pics than words. I hardly subscribe to any that are mainly words. The pictures are the best part!!! :)


Really? Someone thinks words are better than pictures?

Not me. Love your pictures. And you manage to put just the right words with them to make it a delight to visit your blog and share in your experiences.

And, then there is always the good chance you will include a wonderful dog photo. . . love those the very best.


Being a non-blogger and a very visual person, I LOVE photos. I think it's a vital part of blogging in my humble opinion :-) Please keep clicking away with your camera. Love your walks. Thank you.


Photos are phun, so keep 'em coming.


I love "walking" with you on Wednesdays. And the pictures "put" me there beside you even more than words would. Since my heart yearns for your neck of the woods, I've been thrilled to "stumble" upon your blog and find that you "walk" and post pictures along the way. Thank you so much for a "jouney" that I would otherwise never be able to make. :) BTW, your shawl is beautiful...wish I knew how to knit too. Luscious yarns beckon to me....


Love the pictures... especially those signs!


I think photos are really important for every blog post so you keep puttting up all the photos you want. I liked this walk today, Kim, because I've been there!


I love the pictures. Don't stop!

Diane E.

So cool to see your photos of places I explored as a child and then with my own kids. Nice progress on the cashmere, are you enjoying the pattern?

Mary Ellen Dadds

well that was neat to see pic.of the railroad station.
as for the blog with Pictures vsblog with words.The pictures make us feel as if we were there with you.
sometimes i feel like im intruding because i dont have a blog.But the pictures are very enjoyable.
Mary Ellen

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