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Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Such lovely terrain! I laughed at the description of the princess and the paws. She is in for one rude shock soon enough.


I can't stop smiling at Cleo up on that rock looking like she's in the midst of the terrible twos! I remember some face-offs with my kids like that.

The Walk With Me pictures are simply gorgeous - I especially like the reflections of the trees on the pond.


i love the colors in your photographs.


The pictures are beautiful. You know, I don't mind the rain either. Thank you!


I've just discovered your blog and really enjoy your Walk With Me Wednesday photos. They're amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing your surroundings with us.


I love the rain, something soothing about the fresh smells and rhythmic sound of the rain falling. Your pictures capture that felling for me.

Wool Winder

You captured some lovely photos on your walk! Being from Texas, I can relate to Cleo's reaction to the cold.


hmmmmm..sniffing it all in...I can just imagine how it SMELLS! I'm so glad, against your poor beauty Queen poor, that you went on your walk. I think you would have missed the cleansing the Earth does. Beautiful!


I love your walks too, Kim. Thanks for sharing. My dog hates the rain... She has an electronic fence so she spends her days chasing squirrels and cats out of our yard... sunny days that is. If it's raining, she won't set foot outside unless I get the leash out... so it's rainy days that I have to walk her.


I love your walk with me photos, what a great idea. I too love to walk in the rain, especially on the beach, luckily my lab loves the rain and its usually me who wants to go home first!


When I first got Syd, having come from relatively warmer Tennessee via the rescue, she would not do ANYTHING if it was snowing. It took 3 days of holding it before she finally was convinced it was safe. Of course, living in VT, she actually grew to love the snow, but those first few days were touch-and-go. :)


You are so very welcome. We are enjoying your walks, too. It doesn't matter how out of sorts or impatient I am when I leave for my walk, when I return, I have acheived a balance. Thanks, Kim. btw.. it was drizzling here all day, and the color and feel to the air were especially inviting.


That is so funny about Cleo. When I lived in IL, I had a rescued Greyhound and she hated the snow. Anytime there was snow and we let her out back to use the facilities, she would do her business right on the back porch to avoid going in the snow.

Charlotte Sims

Kim! Cleo is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. You must love her to bits! I know she's sweet, because all Barb's pups are! :-) Enjoy!



Those pictures are stunning.


Cleo is just so cute!!! My dogs aren't real fond of the rain either!! Snow just doesn't seem to bother them, but the below zero temps do!! Hopefully we won't have many below zero days this winter!! You are a great photographer!!


Very, very beautiful. I can hear the rain on the ground and in the water. Thank you for sharing your peaceful walk with us.


Great photos- love the different colors you found out there. Wonderful inspiration for dyeing yarn :-)

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