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Wednesday, November 01, 2006



What a lovely walk. It seems that Autumn was in its glory all over America this weekend. I happened to be in Knoxville TN on Friday and the colors were sensational ... only to return to Western PA on Saturday to find the same awesome beauty. Your posts are inspirational ... both puppies adorable. And your scarf two posts ago looks soft, warm and beautiful.


Your dogs are gorgeous! How lucky they are to have a mama like you to take them for walks in the wilderness.


Lovely pictures, especially those autumn colours. Congratulations on naming Cleo - she's every bit as beautiful as the original.


Beautiful photos of your walk, I enjoyed seeing your Saco river!

wool winder

I really enjoy seeing photos of your walks. Keep them coming.


Beautiful walk!! Welcome,Cleo!! I love that name!

Cindy D

Love the needles and the rock in the opening picture....it's lovely! It was a yin and yang experience I can see from the boom...boom...boom.


Folks down the road from Terry's farm put their 2 largish dogs in blaze orange vests during this season. Oh, and they also taped a big sign that said "DOG" in orange letters to the vest. I still laugh whenever I think of that. Glad you and Kali got some time outdoors.


A very lovely walk. Thank you for sharing it and your memories. Kali is a very smart grrl.
Cleo is a beauty. You're heart must be full of love for your little ones.

Karen in Ottawa, Canada

I read your posts regularly and am always tempted to comment when I see you talk about the beautiful area that you live in. It is one of my favorite places to visit (actually, my husband and I were just down your way a couple of weekends ago). If work didn't keep me where I live now, I would move there in an instant. You're very lucky.
I also love to see the great pictures of your dogs. This latest one is just perfect! Great name!


Wonderful walk! Yesterday was a beautiful day, I wish I could have gotten outside before dark. At least I could see it from my window!


I did. Lovely pictures, especially the berries. It felt as if I was with you.


The baths? That sounds like a very special spot. Lovely walk, it was a gorgeous day. I MUST get an orange vest. I wear red but have ben told recently that it just doesn't show up as well as I need it. Thanks for the reminder.


That's a great name!


Oh I did enjoy "our" walk...such beautiful country...would love to come and walk in person there! That canoe trip sounds spendid too! :D And your companions are just precious!


Beautiful walk! Cleo is a great name. How is Kali dealing with her entrance into the canine family?


An appropriately royal name for her highness. :)


A lovely name for a sweet looking dog! Many years ago my sister owned several Cavs one of which was Cleo. Your Cleo does actually remind me a lot of my sister's dog.


I took some very similar photos in the woods last Sunday. Bittersweet and red leaves. I suppose that means winter is coming.

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