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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


wool winder

Hope you don't get rained out for your walk. Love the picture of Cleo napping.


Cleo is adorable, I just finished the Swallowtail and I love it, I tried to do the yo's a bit loose to make the p5's a little easier, its is certainly worth doing. I would knit it again for sure.


Do you have to purl 5 together? How horrible. Can you get the same effect by slipping 4 pwise, purling the 5th, then lifting the 4 slipped stitches over???


I'm not fond of nupps, but when I was working on Swallowtail, I somehow ended up with two other projects also having nupps. Totally worth the effort because they do add a nice texture. I really like the colorway you're using.


Cleo is just adorable!! I just want to reach into my screen and give her a big squeeze!! You are so lucky!! The shawl is great, too!! I'm not a fan of knitting lace myself, but I love to look at other people's wonderful talent!!


Great progress on the shawl! Cleo is quite sweet!


Cleo is a beauty.... I can't wait to see the shawl blocked. The color is gorgeous. It has been on my list of things to knit. Still no knitting according to the doctor. Hopefully in a few more weeks.

Mary Ellen Dadds

Sorry,I seem to have given the wrong info on that Artist.
I Think her paintings are suppose
to be of places in Ill.
Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Dadds

What are NUPPS?I had read about them on another blog.But i dont understand.
November here in Maryland seems very
Novembery.Its gray and cloudy and the leaves are falling.
I have a lange calender,so its quite the perfect November.Linda Nielson Stocks
Paintings.Her scenes are of places like Nantucket and the New England states.
Where ive never lived anyplace but Maryland ,i wish i could visit those places. Mary Ellen


I love the swallowtail, but just bought the pattern for Anne's Casino shawl and want to start on that first. No nupps to deal with.


I really wanted to knit that Swallowtail Shawl pattern, but I dunno now if I have the patience after hearing your comments and Judy's about them darn nupps!!


Don't feel bad, not everybody can have a calendar like mine! Ha! Yours is very nice though.

And Cleo is just too cute. I wish I could have a puppy!


Oh, the nupps. They suck. But they are worth it in the end.


Not sure if you got my email shortly after you posted the first pics of Cleo. She's gorgeous! You are making it very difficult to have the willpower not to get another Cav before we move back to the States! LOL


Cleo has the sweetest face! Your shawl is so beautiful!


I'm in love with Cleo!!! She is a beuatiful girl!!!

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