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Sunday, November 26, 2006



Great pictures, especially the one of you with "Cleo" ...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It sounds like it's been a wonderful Fall Season. Thanks for always posting such beautiful pictures. :)

Happy Holidays ahead. :)


Great pictures, especially the one of you with "Cleo" ...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It sounds like it's been a wonderful Fall Season. Thanks for always posting such beautiful pictures. :)

Happy Holidays ahead. :)

Diane E.

You did a beautiful job and I love the way you displayed the cashmere!The cream tones are so "in tune". If you're like me, you'll be choosing this scarf over the others at every chance. I loved everything about this project.


I ordered the Options set, and had trouble with almost half of the needles (and one set of cables) in that set. I phoned Knitpicks and they mailed out a replacement to me immediately. I haven't had any trouble with the replacements, so I'd call them. I thought their customer service was actually quite good.


Love the scarf and the mountain pics (in your previous post). I need to get my butt up there!


I can see why you're keeping that scarf for yourself. It's beautiful! And I bet it feels so luxurious!


Thats a lovely little scarf, definitely one to keep for yourself.


Pretty, pretty!

I fear lace, but maybe this is small enough to be a starter for me. Your opinion? The cashmere must be wonderful.

Sarah U

Sorry you're having such a bad time with the Options needles. I love them, but at first I got a faulty batch (which Knitpicks was great about replacing). Mine come unscrewed if I don't use the little paperclip-type thingymajig that comes with the needles. If you got a bad batch, hopefully Knitpicks will replace them for you; they've really impressed me with their customer service.


I *love* the scarf, Kim! I've googled Rabbit Tree Farm but couldn't find anything. Any tips on how I might get my hands on the kit?
And is there a kit for that adorable puppy? ;)


Very pretty scarf!
I have the Options set and haven't had trouble, but also haven't used them much yet. I did read somewhere else that there were some bad batches, and that KP has readily sent out replacements that supposedly fixed the problem. I'd email or call them.

Teresa C

Awww, you look so pretty! Now I wish I had gotten one of those kits. Maybe next year.......


We had our heaviest frost so far this morning also, but it got up to 64! I even rode my bike to work.

That pic of you and cleo is so sweet! Why did I always think you were a brunette? Apparently I have a colorblind mind's eye. :)

Mary Beth

It's so pretty...looks lovely on you!


On the Options needles, are you using the little key to tighten them down? At first I was just hand tightening and they came undone. Using the little key, I haven't had anymore problems. I love mine!


The scarf is wonderful and must feel good against the skin on such a cold day. I only have one Option (to try) and haven't had trouble with it but it is disapointing to hear they have problems.


Kim, the scarf looks wonderful! I have a few things in queue before I can get to mine, and you're not making it any easier to to skip a few! ; ) Very, very nice.


Lovely lace! And great photo of you, the scarf and the sweet little dog. I'm slow to jump on the KnitPicks Options needles bandwagon - I bought a set of Bamboo Sisters circs last February and the connection unscrew but also two of the cables broke at the connection in the first project I started with them. As you said, very disappointing to have that happen, as well as quite aggravating with what it does to the knitting in progress. I hope KnitPicks responds well.


A picture of you! Yay!! And I've had some trouble with the Knitpicks options, too. They do come unscrewed and I have one that was brand new and the screw wouldn't tighten at all. I love the points but I'm disappointed overall. What do you like for pointy needles instead? I'm on the search!


That is a GREAT picture of yourself and the doggie with the lace. So Pretty! :D

Plus your lace looks really soft.

Sorry to hear that about the KnitPicks Options. I'm considering them myself. I hadn't heard that before. I wonder if you got a bad shipment or something. I hope they send you the replacement parts soon. Even if you think it might break again you should get your voice heard on this so they can improve it and take care of your set.


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